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The Rhyme Thread (Lyricists and Poets)

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#21 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 12:18 AM

I wrote this just after the Chiapas uprising:


By Sub-Commandante AL
To the tune of El Paso

The southeastern Mexican State of Chiapas
has been Indian country for thousands of years
After nearly five centuries of brutal oppression
the people rise up and true leaders appear

Swifter than lightning the shock wave spread northward
alarming the centers of corporate wealth
Protecting profits, controlling the people
would take precedence over hunger and health


On the New Year the lightning did strike
igniting a spiritual fi---re
With greatness of heart and from humble beginnings
word of uprising comes over the wire

The inve---sto--rs of New York and Zurich, of Tokyo and London
Frankfurt, Chicago, and all of the rest
In their delusions, Indian lives mean so little
as the great lords of NAFTA are put to the test

They awakened a Spirit, Emiliano Zapata
and the great love of justice within people's hearts
To end this all quickly, send tanks and helicopters
and have it all finished as fast as it starts

But, their armies can't kill this Spirit by force
though it seems sure they must try----
Drunken with power and blinded by ego
they think truth and justice is something they buy

But the Pe--so--s that measure their manhood are floating and falling
as they feel the wrath of their own paper gods
Hell is on Earth for some investment bankers
counting their losses and hiring death squads

Straining and striving to keep it together
they swear out death warrants and lash out in fear
Isolated in towers where they can not see it
true Earth has no borders, Revolution is here

Now we see this flame spreading out on the map
soon it burns out of contro---l
You make a grave error to misjudge the people
we'll not serve your empire, we won't sell our soul

For we are a---ll sub-commandantes and you can not stop us
cut down our leaders and more will arise
For you are opposing a truth that's not written
on worthless paper, it's real and not lies

You cannot contain it in the mountains and forests
from sea shore to desert, you'll find it has spread
As you would have us all labor in silence
we would all have homes and gardens instead

So, stand up compañeros be true to your hearts
our children's children depe--nd
On what we do here, the standards we live by
the life of Earth Mother is not ours to spend

And we ha--ve our Elders to teach us and Spirit to guide us
we pray that the rich men will wake from their dreams
To see we all have life, but none of us own it
and freedom means we are not part of their schemes


I wish to thank my good friends in Chiapas
and though we have not met, I send you my best
I'll do what I can do, so more people hear you
when you're killed and you're tortured can good people rest?

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#22 Ilia



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 05:10 AM

Oh ye prose writers :D funky thread we got here :)

Some poetry from a much younger Ilia before mushrooms :

violets are red/ roses are blue / I pooped my pants / old age is YOU!
roses are red/ violets are blue/ richard dawkings is an atheist/ so why aren't you?
rose are red/ violets are blue/ fuck dating/ I just wanna fuck you
Life is awesome / Life is great / so much time / to masturbate !


I wonder what they meant when they said repent?
For I am a free spirit- I am content.
Their stories of brimstone and fire and pleas
Their dogmas and books and priests....
but I am a child of love - I've no need- for these.

I give permission to use this in public, on your blog or whatever(if any one here actually likes them enough lol). Just don't sell them in a collection under your name : it can produce guilty feelings which lead to stress which leads to increased risk for disease/cancer and I like y'all healthy.


#23 Spliff



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 06:08 AM

Holy inspiration! Im getting too emotional reading these, but your words caress me like a tease. Give me more I say, more more MORE! Let it come, no stopping now, your words I adore. As refreshing as the due off a petal on a fresh winters morning, all these words speak to me, is this a calling?

#24 iatebadshrooms


    And It stained skyBlue

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:42 AM

The best things in life ain't free

Born into a world thats tilted upward,
I'm dying to get to the rest stop, but I just missed my the last turn,
whisper in my ear, take this from me and it'll lessen your burden, It makes you feel great, I'll give you my word then.
one day, a month, a year, I wake up now life's passed you bye, but it don'
t matter gimme my freedom and slowly I'll die. Things I used to care about ,don't matter so much anymore, I've lost my loved one's and happy memories from a long time before, don't cry for me mother, just listen to my voice, I sold my soul to him I did and I made the wrong choice. It's too late for me now and I'm to weak to carry this burden, Promise me when you make your choice remember my wasted life and this you must learn from..
If you could do it all over would do it again, I wouldn't do it no way after what I seen it done to them.
Born into a world tilted upward


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#25 Arathu



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 10:32 AM

Little Ones

Crystals of time woven we find,
Dissolved boundaries between space-mind
Echoes remain which none can restrain
Animated cloth totality contains
Mysterious the streams of thoughts and dreams
Lattice of motion yet quiet it seems
Three numbered brothers label the others
In word and picture with nothing it covers
Dance for the rains embracing those pains
Finding a light fruit once again
Twisted and turning digesting and learning
Eating the world sought out through a yearning
Earth we remake ancient patterns we take
Transformation to new evidence awake
Given the gift bridging countless the rift
Network of nerves for ever adrift
Our images within capture begin
Countless reflection of facets to spin

#26 ams1992


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 11:45 AM

Looks like we've found ourselves a little poetry club here guys and gals : P
It's cool that this thread is as lively as it is and with all of the talent in it as it has.
Alder, thank you for sharing what brought you into writing as well, it's definitely a huge achievement to have taught yourself such things and to do as well as you do right now. A lot of people would give up in frustration and not hone the skills, but you took it and ran. You are an inspiration to me in that sense. Sometimes I quit prematurely because I don't see success in things, but in reality I was really close to it. I'm definitely working on that but people who just but there minds to something so diligently, it keeps me inspired so thank you. That goes for all of us here too I believe. Everyone here has a story to share, everyone has lived a life and is living a life. We can all learn and teach eachother and thats another beautiful thing about Mycotopia, the complete diversity of all of its members.

Here's a little morning Haiku for you all.

Sunshine Burning Down
Clouds Sitting Above So High
Such Peace Is At Dawn

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#27 Arathu



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 12:24 PM


Outside inward look
Reading lines composition
Carefully mistook


#28 Arathu



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 12:59 PM

I love daughter and I did this last night...........

Lightning bug flashes
Childlike eyes in the twilight
To catch and release

#29 Skywatcher


    Walk's between...

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 01:48 PM

I love lightning bugs! Unfortunatly mine are electric and never move more than 2 feet from where they were the night before, but better than none at all.......

#30 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 09:20 PM

Haiku is a gift
Appreciated by me
The dyslexic guy

#31 Arathu



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Posted 01 July 2012 - 11:14 PM

Alder I hate that what if you don't see things the same.........BEAUTIFUL I say! Language is an agreement between us and you seem pretty agreeable to me, parody is also a gift as is vision from alternate perspective.....appreciated by me...and many others.............I am glad to be in this company! :cool:
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#32 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 11:55 PM

Alder I hate that label........

Well, I guess I don't mind it. Because when I was supposed to be learning to read, my reading disorder only got me derisive labels from my teachers, because there was no excuse for me. In first grade, I was "slow motion." I don't mind the ADHD descriptor either, because those symptoms made me my fourth grade teacher's "little reprobate." In the early fifties, my so-called disorders were all filed under the catch-all of "problem child."

So, admittedly, that label doesn't make my reading any better. But it is way better than the labels given me out of ignorance by educated people when I was a child. When I received my official diagnosis of "hyperactive" at age 23, by a specialist in that syndrome, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. Granted, today my life and living space are monuments to 65 years of untreated ADHD, but with that note from my doctor, I can at least feel it's not because I am wrong or evil. I simply have poor concentration and get sidetracked easily.

I have embraced the gifts of my learning disorders. In many ways, I feel they put me ahead of the so-called normal ones. I certainly think outside more boxes than a person whose education has been set in the concrete of academe. I even gave myself a degree for fun: Hs.D. It's gotten me interviews with scientists who had to ask what it meant (and believe me, it's hard for a lot of them to admit to not knowing something). It means, "high school dropout."

I'm not stupid, I'm just fucked up. :)

#33 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 12:03 AM


By Calypso AL and The Backlash Band
(to the beat of the Limbo Rock)


Something stinking up the world today
The smell is coming from USA
From radio tower everywhere
a stench is wafting through the air

Like outhouse on summer day
it reek the Rush Limbaugh way
All around the Limbaugh clock
hey! we get fed the Limbaugh Crock

Crock of ca ca, crock of poop
he feed it to us by the scoop
All around the Limbaugh clock
hey, we get fed the Limbaugh Crock


He sitting on his Limbaugh butt
looking like Jabba the Hutt
"I, me, my," is all he say
and he like that night and day

Ditto-head all say he great
he tell them all just who to hate
All across the Limbaugh dial
they all eat the Limbaugh pile

Pile of guano, pile of shit
they just can't get enough of it
All across the Limbaugh dial
hey, they all eat the Limbaugh pile


When women stand up for their right
or Rainbow People don't act white
He put them down because he sure
it their fault if they are poor

Feminazis, enviro-commies
illegal aliens, and welfare mommies
Are to blame for all the bad
they all make Rush Limbaugh mad

Mad for Jesus, mad as hell
what Rush and Pat and Jerry sell
We're to blame for all the bad
we all make Rush Limbaugh mad


Old growth forest and spotted owl
are best for ass-wipe and paper towel
Welfare rancher, cheap mining leases
capital gains provide palm greases

Big business's propaganda
the best thing in all the landa
what good for them, for us is crappy
and it make Rush Limbaugh happy

Happy billionaire, happy crook
happy gen'ral and happy spook
What good for them, for us is crappy
and it make Rush Limbaugh happy

Don't touch that Limbaugh dial --- you'll eat that Limbaugh pile


Global warming and ozone holes
wont stop Gingriches or the Doles
Unwise abuse of all our land
a banana republic for which they stand

That's what Rush gets paid to push
like Ronnie Reagan and Georgie Bush
They're working for the fattest cat
supporting NAFTA and the GATT

New World Order, Old World Bank
and we'll have Rush Limbaugh to thank
He's working for the fattest cat
supporting NAFTA and the GATT


At the end of Limbaugh trail
all but the rich will be in jail
No family planning where we're headin'
make plenty soldier for Armageddon

Our sad history of power and pride
stolen lands and genocide
Are not dittoed by his flock
all they know is the Limbaugh Crock

Crock of bullshit, crock of feces
desertification, endangered species
Are not dittoed by his flock
all they know is Limbaugh Crock

Crock of do do, crock of crap
spreading all across the map
All around the Limbaugh clock
hey, we get fed the Limbaugh Crock

-ha -- ha -- ha-
Limbaugh lower now
How lo-o-o-o-o-w can we go???

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#34 ams1992


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 05:56 AM

Well I've made it back to this thread. Have been on a posting hiatus for a bit. Life got a bit hectic and I had to ground myself a bit. I did enjoy reading what I had missed though. Alder, dyslexia (label or not) I'm sure can be frustrating, but it's amazing how many perceptions different people can have. With sleep deprivation I often doubt my writings, I look over them many many times thinking there may be errors regardless if there are or not, my eyes trick me. Just like inanimate objects, without sleep they tend to vibrate and look alive so specks on the wall become insects to my mind, and a deserted spiderweb suddenly seems to have a tenant. There's so many perceptions and they can change with many different factors. As far as lightning bugs go, beautiful. The other night I was quite upset and left my house, just walked. On the way I saw many lightning bugs, and in the mind frame I was in, I lacked appreciation. I will walk soon and witness them again. I'd like to appreciate them. I do come bearing some poetry though, so without further ado:

All the Goddesses passed him by
For he was just a Jester in a Court of Time
A measurement to which they are blind
Gold plated Emotion and empty crimes
Nothing matters to those who spare dimes
In sparing themselves, they've placed the prime
Carressing the Practice and holding Sublime
They've lost themselves but regained to find
A way beyond them and beyond the sky

#35 ernestro


    minding matter

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 07:25 AM

it's like..nowadays is of blues and grays..
never quits amazing the observant!
ever changing maze, though it's slowing pace,
points me walking in a space that's curved, and
while i try my stance, taking much of chance,
i am always trying to remember,
that it's "inbetween", giving warmth to keen, ...
...and i mourn for last years miss december

#36 MycoDani


    Myco Chick

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 07:53 AM

So much good stuff:bow: I'll do one off the cuff.


They say she sparkles and shines you know.

They look at her and think oh she's so lovely Oh!

Life is perfect and such a pretty picture she makes them see.

A perfect portrait unblemished and untouched.

She say's the magic's in the makeup, that's what they'll see then.

Gosh forbid they see the real me. Something of her she hides secret and safe.

Never giving anyone a key to take. She say's it's the glitter that makes her happy.

The sparkle the shine, the beauty, makes her hold her breath and forget time.

She dances and twirls and puts on a smile. Knowing it's only for awhile.

She knows you see. As much as she loves the beauty, it is only temporary.

I have way better stuff I just made this up because I really like the thread.:heart:

Can't wait to read and share more!

#37 Arathu



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Posted 06 July 2012 - 11:54 AM

In a moments notice
At the drop of a hat
Linguistic tapestries
Woven into a mat
Communications are spun
With sweet metaphor
In attempts to pass
Most ancient of lore
Suspect the first language
Ever spoken or written
You know the ones
Many a heart smitten
Were spoken with beauty
And in meter with rhyme
Speech of the Gods
Enduring through time

#38 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 01:16 PM

There's Gods, and there's gods
And words don't come near
To saying what is
And what isn't's unclear
The Tao that is told
Ain't perfection sublime
And that doesn't change
In prose or in rhyme
But to render the essence
Is a joy to the heart
For it isn't the words
It's something apart
Enduring is something
We'd all like to say
But even these words
Shall too pass away

Edited by Alder Logs, 06 July 2012 - 01:31 PM.

#39 lucysd



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Posted 06 July 2012 - 01:42 PM

the filth i feel upon me
this tainted skin i own
the purity that surrounds me
makes me feel sooooo alone

i vomit out my insides
and scrape off all my skin
as tortured scenes destroy me
i guess the darkness wins

watch the blood pour out my veins
watch my eyes turn dead
as these visions siege the walls
filling up my head

ancient fires have risen
a longing i cant know
the innocence has lost me
and so my pain must flow

training my mind to see
all the flaws within
surfacing inside my soul
a chalice filled with sin

the realm that i must thrive in
i starting to decay
the miracle that i require
shall rise again today

the past must hold my essence
the future holds my tears
the rain that falls within me
is not what it appears

#40 lucysd



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Posted 06 July 2012 - 02:02 PM

as i walk across the void of life
it strikes me that theres nothing left
as i killed the only one i love
the only thing for me is death

when your lifeless body hit the floor
i plunged the knife right in your chest
again and again i cannot stop
even though your already dead

your twisted screams that filled my ears
as i beat you to the brink of death
all the tears you shed that night
something i wont soon forget

when you prayed to god to spare your life
i laughed and beat you once again
knowing that he wouldnt care
because your pathetic god isnt even there

you said youd give me anything
if i let you go, set you free
so i told you all i crave is death
and your the only one thats left

then you tempt me with your virgin flesh
now i realize your just a whore
as a new crave built up inside me
i took your body to the floor

as i beat you while i fucked you raw
you moaned and screamed and begged for more
then i emptied myself into you
and whispered that your life was through

when you pleaded for another chance
my heart believed to let you go
but i realized that if you lived
id never truly be alone

i said i did this out of love
you asked how could this lie be true
you said that you deserve to live
but ask me now does life deserve you

so i raised the knife above my head
preparing to deliver death
then suddenly i couldnt move
i wondered if my love was true

as a single tear rolled down my cheek
i gazed into your glassy eyes
i wonder how it feels to live
if we only live to die

so i plunged the knife into your chest
thinking what i did was right
then i passed my hands above your eyes
while letting out a twisted sigh

now theres truly nothing left
no reason to remain alive
so i tried to join the one i love

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