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Amanita flavoconia?

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 09:20 AM

Amanita flavoconia

I found my first Amanita flavoconia this year :) I just had to take a hike in the woods too much work latley and I couldnt just give up on the work but I had to get in the woods really bad it was calling to me so I made the time to go for a longer walk too or I wouldnt have found this mushroom and only one I knew it was meant for me I took some pictures of it then looked around for more and didnt find any I thought long b4 I took the only one but my spiritual friends were around saying this is good medicine for me ;)

Amanita flavoconia Amanita muscaria guessowii
Both these mushrooms have helped me out yesterday in the woods I felt like Alice in wonderland again like a dreaming child singing the Amanita song they taught me calling them up

Amanita flavoconia there is something to this mushroom in the evaporating mushroom stuff? Aromatics? I have this mushroom drying in the sun where I can smell it :)

When I took it home I held it in my hands in a way it can drop spores I felt bad it was the only one I seen and I took it home with me but I am sure there is more just ones I was not meant to find but just in case I spread some spores

I placed it on a zipy bagy and it droped spores after a 4hour lift something like that :) so I know it was droping them in the woods :)

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 10:30 PM

Beautiful pictures, all!
Thanks for sharing!

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 05:35 AM

:) Thanks for the kind words :)
I am behind on the pictures I have different views of this mushroom and...
I found lots yesterday in a different spot I like this other spot me and hubby went to
we use to go fishing and would use this trail to get into the fishing hole :)
We found that these mushrooms grow here 2 times a year once now abouts and once in the late summer early fall when we can find the other ones too :) Amanita muscaria guessowii

Amanita flavoconia I have only ate small quantity's of this mushroom cooked dried first then cooked in the last 15 -20mins of cooking time it is not a magic mushroom and its edibility have just recently been explored the last few years it is edible cooked but I am not eating my whole collection in one meal I dry them and use tiny amounts it does boost flavor in meals very nicely like other Amanitas can

With this family it is very important to learn all u can and more b4 eating any but some are really yummy it is worth the learning about them and respecting them :)

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Posted 25 March 2020 - 02:36 PM

Ill be back lol...

here is a video of a few of these mushrooms I found this summer

[Direct Link]


you can find them Sept and Oct here in Ontario its like hunting Easter eggs lol but in the fall ;) I thought it was that time I should put my yellow Amanita videos together of summer 2019


here is some information I put together in my description at the bottom of my youtube thingy ;)


I would love to pool more information together on certain mushrooms so we can all learn together


"Learn learn and learn some more spreading knowledge not fear...


But some Amanitas are deadly this family should not be taken lightly

This is why I studied this family first so I knew what to avoid...


Amanita resemble many different mushrooms at the different stages of life For an example when they first start growing they look like Puff balls but if you cut one open you will see a tiny outline of a mushroom inside a Puff ball looking mushroom...


I have a video coming up on Amanita frostiana that shows the shape better when young...


Most of these are mature mushrooms or dried out mushrooms Amanita flavoconia

Another example is Amanita can look like any young edible field mushroom...


so looking at gill color and spore color is very important to pay attention to for the mushrooms you are hunting for... Amanitas are not the only toxic ones around


This mushroom can be found under Spruce trees where I live...

Amanita flavoconia



Amanita frostiana

can be found under balsam trees where I live and...rare but found more often or just as rare as... http://www.amanitace...anita frostiana


Amanita elongata can be found under Spruce here but vary rarely found

http://www.amanitace...manita elongata


Amanita muscaria guessowii Can be in the area usually with pine... I think it's in this video too... Horizontal bands at the top of the bulb

http://www.amanitace... var. guessowii  


I found a peach colored one too I think it's called gemita or something?


It's really tricky telling them apart it's so important b4 eating any wild mushrooms to learn about the mushrooms features


#mushroomfriends We can keep pooling information together to learn more and share more and learn more.. lol If you have any information or ideas please let me know


Let's chatt mushroom :) Oh I think the trees and nutrients they pick up and share out into the environment is very important for this wild world collection of nutrients from waste and elements around... It very interesting learning about this mushroom web :)


But experiencing it is amazing learning from it each year and now these grow under Spruce and pine in my yard....


I'm hoping to get Amanita frostiana under the balsam in my yard so I can compare the growing condition and mushroom in a closer space...


And check every day instead of every couple or 1 a week visit surrounding areas


mycotopia more information I have collected on yellow Amanitas  


Much love xoxox"

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