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Herbal Anxiety Remedy???

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 04:38 PM

Noone's meantioned this yet: Yin Chen Hao. Smoke a couple of bowls or make a tea and it's nicely relaxing.

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Posted 22 July 2007 - 10:51 PM

set, is that herb related to wormwood?

meditation is my anxiety remedy, although its not an herb, in high doses it may produce euphoria, long term effects may cause lasting happiness, patience, concentration, and tranquility.
not for the faint of heart, slowing down a busy, multitasked, stressed mind may may cause bouts of even greater anxiety and tension. subconsciousness, or that little voice that makes those seemingly endless judgements of what it dislikes and likes may become amplified. this i believe is where the root of anxiety can be found sometimes. remember it doesnt have to be a condition that has to be treated, if the root is pulled out before it blooms. like a weed running through our consciousness, its there but its very hard to root out. start slow and work steady, techniques will come after getting past the "meeting myself" stage.

but if you like i try to balance two techniques so that i dont become attached to the state of being one gives. concentrate on something for a sustained amount of time, keeping the focus on the object you desire, a word, phrase, image, object. keep attention on it, the breath is a good one. when a thought or feeling springs up, take time to notice it, then notice its how and why. keep doing that with every sensation. the stronger the feeling, the harder it will be to "stay present" without flying off on some thought train or dream rocket.
mindfulness, just sit, dont react, just be aware of everything, mindfulness is little more tricky but its needed once you get past being able to sustain a single object in attention, which may become counter productive if it becomes a way of escape, instead of focus. mindfulness helps me see the chaos of our minds and bodies through balanced breathing and posture, and a clearer sense of identity. but persistence is key, then we proceed on what i call the limitless stage of more contemplative of more emptiness, until anxiety and depression themselves cannot afflict.

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Posted 23 July 2007 - 05:10 PM

set, is that herb related to wormwood?

It it lightly related... but not the same at all in effects.

I won't say meditation isn't nice too, and it will do the trick for me. But I know some people for whom it won't work... when it comes to actual 'anxiety attacks' apparently you (or they) can't effectively meditate during one.

Note that Yin Chen Hao is also a dilator... meaning it will lower your blood pressure somewhat as well. In chinese medicine it's traditionally used for problems with digestion and the liver.

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Posted 26 July 2007 - 07:07 AM

Valarian is good but it can induce sleep and or drowsiness and should be used prior to going to bed, IMHO.

Good kava kava is effective and potentially intoxicating at high doses. It might also be addictive.

Saint John's Wort is wonderful.

Chinese Red ginseng has calming properties.

There are a variety of calming tea mixes containing herbs suited to this end.

With the exception of the red ginseng and most of the teas, care should be taken not to over indulge. More is not better with herbals and there is potential for toxicity with many of them. It is important to take a "safe dose" daily, preferrably at the same time every day. Also, don't hit yourself with more than one herb initially until you are intimate with the effects. Then you can experiment with combinations, one at a time. Otherwise, it wil be hard to tell " who is doing what to whom" and you might even suffer unsesireable results.

Many believe that if it is natural and an herb, it can't hurt you. This is pure bullshit. More is better is also bullshit. That's a doper's mentality and it should not be applied to herbs. Thyme, for instance, is great for your blood within prescribed limits. Past that, it can induce liver damage.

B complex offers a tonic for the nervous system and is calming. However, some folks(like me) are extremely allergic to niacinamide. I recomend strongly against the mega doses indicated above until you've tested the waters. Also, note that niacinimide is almost certain to be included in a good B complex.

Excersize can reduce stress and anxiety. Oddly, this is especially true for people practicing maretial arts in many cases. Martial arts aside, Zen/yogic breathing exercises are a joy and they will help you. Meditation is the greatest asset in helping you to realize the roots of the problem, the triggers, and how to recognize it in seed form in order to diffuse it before anxiety gets to the level where it snowballs, feeding upon itself, and hurting you.

Meditation is the oldest, and still one of the most effective, forms of bio feedback available for effective behavioral modification.

It will help you to consciously control your rythms until you can do so automatically. When you freak your breating becomes erratic, your heart palpitates, thoughts race, fear and confusion ensue, and this whole mess snowballs. Breating can be controled so that it remains regular. Given this, your heart and mind can be commanded to remain calm. Just like anxiety, success feeds upon itself. Once this starts working for you, and you have confidence that it does work, you can maintain and continue your gains through ongoing practice.

The herbal route may alleviate sysmptoms. Meditation can enable you to root them out. I recommend a dual approach.

I also recommend two books:

The Wisdom of Insecurity by Allan Watts

The Flight of the Eagle by J. Krishnamurtti

Peace on you!

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