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Communal Woodlover Grow log

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#3041 425nm



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Posted Yesterday, 01:50 AM

My ice-cream pales of P. serbica seem to be motoring along nicely.c52a02c839030de6eb1be10645ac66b6.jpg4991a4c8c220f9af190720650cc66c97.jpgd50f200ecd05e43e7e57a8cfb5b671a6.jpg
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#3042 moricz



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Posted Yesterday, 04:29 AM

Offtopic :D My SRA-s are starting... Not soon for the other guys, Allenii beds are covered with rotting leaves and under them, all white :D




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#3043 mjroom



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Posted Yesterday, 05:10 PM

have to ask if springtail's will cause damage to mycelium or not? I have some tubs which are free of them and a few others which are full of them, they spread very quickly. Are there any easy ways to eliminate them without doing harm to the mycelium? Thanks.

#3044 astoriensis



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Posted Yesterday, 06:06 PM


Nice going manos way to start off the season! Keep us updated


We're forecast for a soaking rain here in the PNW that will get things poppin shortly!! 3 months of being bone dry I'm ready for rain;)


Northeastern members should be able to grow several native species in your region like P caerulipes,P ovoids and P quebecensis.


All those in the sub tropical/tropical regions wishing to grow woodlovers should give P zapotecorum and P careulescens a shot outdoors in prepared chip beds. Once established these could be maintained for years. I've found they both do well on naturescapes mulch.


However, I know of P azurescens/cyanescens growing in Sept with temps in the mid 90's and lows in the 60's in the Willamette Valley and also a member here had them fruiting in the high desert northwest with hot and dry conditions. Perhaps it's the shortening of day light which is a trigger?


Keep it up everyone we're right at the beginning of the season, yippeee !!

do you ever find P. Stuntzii in your area? regards mjroom.


Yes I've found P stuntzii along the coast and Willamette Valley. I'll post pix if I come across any this season. I've found them among grass and mulch. I'm attempting cultivation outdoors too. Tried them a few times and they pack a punch. Definitely much stronger than what you will read about them. I hope a new potency study is performed on all active mushrooms.

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#3045 Seeker2be


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Posted Yesterday, 09:35 PM

All this worry about hydrating the beds.  What happens in nature?  They dry out remain dormant and then reappear. That is what I am observing. Too much water and other competitor mold and fungi appear IME.  This was going on long before man was on the scene. 

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#3046 Heirloom



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Posted Yesterday, 10:45 PM

mjroom try diatomaceous earth.

Seeker that's fine if you live in the PNW or another Mushroom Paradise.

I live in the Midwest way out of the natural growth zone for these psychoactive woodlovers.

Our temps often range from summer of 90's - 100F, winter often 0F to -20F The humidity during fruiting season is often to low to allow pins to grow to maturity.

I have to work to keep these alive, we are in a sever drought, water in summer and do all I can to increase the humidity in harvest season.

If I left it to nature I probably would have nothing to pick.

I would rather cultivate my cyans than "Tripp vicariously " through other growers.

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#3047 Wolfedawwg



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Posted Yesterday, 11:51 PM

Season is winding up here, still a little warm but always a few early fruiters.
This is a fish tote I prepped last year and transferred some of what I hoped was Ps, quebecensis mycelium laden wood.
The wild patch is just starting as well, get some pics in the morning.




Libs are starting to fruit as well..... :thumbs_up2:

Now I just gotta get all this weed harvested and trimmed up so I can devote more time to the shrooms.

Now back to work............. :weedpoke:

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#3048 myancyan



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Posted Today, 08:31 AM

I wood love to get my hands on some Quebecensis they would grow here perfectly being that I live across the street from Quebec. I would go get them myself but I'm not allowed in Canada because I got a speeding ticket!

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#3049 Arathu



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Posted Today, 09:36 AM

Man I love fall....................... :biggrin:  Beautiful stuff.....................woodies everywhere.............


Where the hell is hyphae?  :ph34r: 



#3050 themickster



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Posted Today, 01:43 PM

I was out of town at the Gauley River Festival in West Virginia for about 5 days and anxious to return to see my beds. Stopped in my tracks when I saw a couple mushies poking up. But.... looks like a pluetus. Competitors already!

A nice plus is all the rain from Irma got my shiitakes going.

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#3051 myancyan



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Posted Today, 07:53 PM

Ok, here are some pictures of the two beds which actually look like one bed but really there is a bed in the front of the tree and a bed behind the tree. And of course some pin porn. I will also upload some other mushrooms I found growing in the yard today.

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  • 20170919_1637082749.jpg
  • 20170919_1637182750.jpg
  • 20170919_1637512752.jpg

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#3052 myancyan



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Posted Today, 07:57 PM

Here are the other ones, please if you know what they are let me know. I think I might have the genus but I have no idea of the species.


1 = deconica

2 = mycena

3 = unknown blue/green bruising species

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