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how do i stop drinking

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 04:38 AM

These are all choices that you consciously make. Like you I struggle with alcohol abuse. I come home and drink a pint of hard liquor every night for weeks at a time, and even months at a time. I am coming to a point in my life where I realize I cannot continue in the path I am going, and I quit for three months, but then had a little alcohol over the holidays, and then bought a bottle, and then another and then another and before I knew it two weeks drunk every night had gone by again. Sooo, I am a week off of it again.

AA will not keep you from drinking. You have to get your mind behind you and make a conscious decision that TODAY is gonna be the day I sober up, and by God stick with it. And then get another one and another one till you got a long string of days, and then you got to realize you can't celebrate your clean time by having a drink.

The problem is, all the other stuff you mentioned is illegal, and that still don't stop you. But alcohol is legal, and even encouraged. you have to find it in yourself to stop. you have to find something to do with yourself besides self destructive things. I have been writing and playing guitar. A LOT. Youhave to decide that YOU don't want to drink for YOU. Short of that, nothing will work. Believe me, no judgement here, as I love alcohol and it has never been a big bad thing in my life as I can drink a half a fifth or even a whole one and appear sober to most folks. Not braggin, I can just hold a lot, and believe me that is not a good thing as it has not impacted me in a big negative way yet...but it will and I would love to stop before it does.

There is no future in it my brother, and that is my motivation. I dunno what I am trying to kill, but it ain't dead yet...
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#42 Uncle G

Uncle G

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Posted 23 January 2013 - 02:36 AM

That some pretty messed up advice. Spoken just like one of us alcoholics. See guy pick up a 16 year chip tonight. Think might work. Powerless over alcohol sounds to me. Beat your hands against the bar saying how did this happen again. Here the truth being dry and being sober are different. You still are hoping to drink like normal people. Real alcoholics dont have no power after first drink and are without defence if they dont have vital spiritual experince often brought on by working the steps. Go take bottle of exlax then will your self not to shit. See how that works. In the mean time aa will still be there.
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Posted 23 January 2013 - 06:06 AM

I used to drink pretty heavy at times wouldnt stop till the booze was gone or I was too sick to drink anymore and do totally stupid things
I battle with it here and there
but I have the courage to say no now even when people keep bugging me u wanna drink come on have one with me I can now stand firm on NO they tend to look at me funny well I know these people are alcoholics like me and they cannot drink alone have to drag others with them so they do not feel bad breaking their own rules with a friend ;)
I do still have a drink here and there but I can have a bottle in my house now and not drink it all which is really great for me to look at it and not drink it
there are some times in my life where I want to slip back to that person who doent give a fuck and have a drunk night but I have way to many responsibility's to just get hammered and nothing else done ;) sometimes it is this pressure that I have to do everything and I just want to give up well these days I like to stay away from booze and thoes friends that want me to drink with them if I stay away the urge is usually gone by the next day and I am back to me instead of a bad hang over in bed not doing anything ;)

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 07:01 AM

I used to drink alot sometimes a 26 every night and other times as much beer as I could find or just mix of anything and everything, I got to where when I poured a shot I needed to hold the bottle with two hands because I became that shaky, but at that point in life I was living as there was no tomorrow for many different reasons. Eventually one day I woke up and just thought how long can I keep doing this, if this is so posed to end me it should have by now, I need to change something, I had already started smoking weed and that did kind of curb my desire for drinking a little bit. I got to the point where I thought its me or the bottle, I picked me. With smoking more weed I started working on and tryin to tune into my consciousness start rebuilding what I had destroyed, when I was younger I could close my eyes and visualize all kinds of stuff, then with the drinking and work stress and so on i couldn't get past wanting to rip my own hair out. So I started to think I want to work on getting healthier and having a stronger mind, I thought there is no way alcohol is going to serve either of those well. My family used to get mad sometimes about how much I drink even though most of them drink, but anyways I was doing good hadn't drank in quiet awhile but they didn't seem to notice or care, a couple times did some family get together things and they were like drink drink, I don't wanna fuckin drink, why are you getting mad? Cuz your pushing something on me you get mad at me for and I don't want it, I know I shouldn't have gotten angry as they just go off my previous habits. Then one day they wanted to go to a pub and do beer and nacho night, all right ill come hang out but im not drinking, your drinking your drinking, your getting drunk tonigh, no fuck that I don't want too, no your getting drunk tonight.....fine you wanna see drunk I'll show you drunk and I got plastered, all I remember is getting dropped off at the apartment with a bag of mcdonalds taking a huge bite and then puking a few pitchers of beer up onto the floor as things went dark and I passed out, when I woke up my head hurt and the smell of puke was disgusting, I couldn't stand the smell enough to clean it up well that hung over so I went and slept in the other room and cleaned it up that evening. I think that's pretty well the last time I drank, a few people I know still try and push it on me and I just respectfully decline even thought they continue to push, I know they push because they don't feel as bad about it if others do it to, after all that's how it all started, but I don't push them to quit it is there choice and I will be there for them if and when they want to.

A few thing I did to help quit was
1) distance yourself from that scene
2) don't keep any booze around
3) don't keep extra coin in your pocket, making it that much harder to go buy some booze (being broke like me helps lol)
4)think mind over matter, you are much stronger than inanimate objects
5)observe someone else's drinking habits, really takes the romance out of the bottle
6)find other hobbies and more supportive positive people and atmosphere
7)try meditation, even just watching the stars at night or clouds blowing by in the day, it can do amazing things to regaining your control

I like the theory that we are made up billions of little cells that can in there own be an entire universe, concious and full of beings and life, within you can reside the universes encompassing all your family loved ones ancestors and so on and with them can exist you and so on. In that case we provide the stuff that supports their worlds, and they provide the stuff that supports our worlds, it's like that scene on Animal house where they smoke pot and talk about the universe. As above, so below. If I am providing the nutrients to those worlds do I really want to be dousing them in the sauce or do what I can to better their existence, the idea of a fractal universe where a small change ripples out to big things, this is just one of those steps and it's truly connected
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Posted 07 February 2013 - 11:57 PM

This is all some really good stuff here that I find supportive in its own rite.

A lot, if not all, of the posts and stories here assure me that I am off to better things as I also struggle with alcohol.
I would like to get to a point where I can enjoy a beer like a normal person, then stop. Not have to have 12 or more before I'm done. I really love good beer but know I also have a problem so it will be work. Especially because I like beer when I clean and do housework, I like beer with a lot of different foods, I like beer when hanging out with friends, on and on...this list sound familiar to anyone? Shit the only time I don't drink is when I'm at work.

So as of now I am 4 days sober from alcohol and went cold turkey off pain meds that I also believe I am addicted to.
Doing this for myself and my family and I really like Ronald Ray Gun's philosophy of saying "fuck you alcohol".
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Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:08 AM

I really like Ronald Ray Gun's philosophy of saying "fuck you alcohol".

I do this but to the needle, I tell myself "it's OK you will live through this, you got yourself into this just keep going" I am almost through the withdrawals now, I cannot imagine being addicted to alcohol though because it's so readily available I would be screwed.

Might I offer some advice cym, you might have to give up alcohol all the way, meaning never having a beer again, even one might set you back on the path of heavy drinking.

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 01:55 AM

Bless you guys!! Wow, all the support in this room!! With support like this you can achieve greatness. It takes

nonstop concentration. Ask yourself, how much do I pay attention to the implications of my actions?

I learned early on that hangovers suck,:drk: i learned. Waking up cold and tired in a bush (somewhere :tinfoil:) SUCKED. Staying up for weeks (really fuckin sucked:tinfoil:).

How much does it take to know your limits? I havent been in either situation in over ten years!! You really have to kick your ego's ass :eusa_snoo ,:spank: IMO ,and if that

doesnt work talk to the earth (using natural medicines) it will:laser:

put life into perspective.

Good luck you guys in all your endeavours!!
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#48 microscopeman



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Posted 08 February 2013 - 02:51 AM

Dose about it.
Take a nice long trip alone in a dark room without distractions and just see where it takes you. The answers will come to you. There is a reason why you do the things you do, and only you can find the answers to those questions that you haven't yet asked.

#49 cym


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 10:40 AM

Might I offer some advice cym, you might have to give up alcohol all the way, meaning never having a beer again, even one might set you back on the path of heavy drinking.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Now that I haven't drank in a few days, I really don't care or think about it. Been too busy. I think about the Tramadols though, my back is fuckin killing me and opiates have always gave me an energy boost when i take anyone who has ever had a problem with them knows, it makes life so much easier because youre high and so not much bothers you. I would have had a much tougher time a few years ago when I was drinking every day...there were times when the withdrawals were the most frightening thing I had ever faced. I'm not trying to minimize my drinking here, but I know that my situation is small potatoes compared to what others might be going through. The true tests for me will be when I come home after a hard day at work and thinking of the flavor of that great tasting IPA, and the fact that I'm so conditioned to be under the influence of something when I'm making music, which is kind of pathetic when I think about it.

With that said, I just want to be on top of all of my responsibilities and be the husband my wife deserves. Don't want to have any excuses for not being there or sleeping all day cause I drank til 3-4am. Loser shit.
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Posted 08 February 2013 - 07:19 PM

It's calld transferring addiction. Pain is okay because it means you are still alive. Try not to get hooked on that synthetic heroin. No good man.

#51 cym


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 09:56 PM

Actually, there was never a transfer. I quite liked them both at the same time.

Still, alcohol has caused enough problems between my wife and I by itself to where I'm just needing to grow up and move on.

There were several times that I drunk posted here and said some completely out of hand, stupid asshole shit to fellow Mycotopiates too.

I think today is my 5th day without any alcohol or pills and although I do feel tired, matcha green tea is helping a little.

This thread along with it's replies have reassured and validated what I was already thinking to myself for months now and made me feel good about making the choice to simply not drink. It's not helping me do anything, it's only hurting me. I do not want to continue doing that.

Thanks guys.
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#52 Stoned Angel

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 09:19 PM

Something I learned very young is trading one addiction from another. People coming out of rehab do it without even realizing. Usually it's coffee, or sex. I quit drinking some years ago. I don't want to say what I traded my addiction for because it's not a better choice. BUT IF instead when you think "let's have a drink." Maybe try "let's go for a run."

It really stinks you can't just smoke a fatty.

Good luck my friend. It's just moment to moment!!!!

#53 microscopeman



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Posted 11 February 2013 - 05:09 AM

I have been on and off with coffee. That stuff should have a warning on it. Abruptly stopping caffening does all sorts of bad stuff. Drinking too much does other bad stuff (to me any way) :(

Someone told me the other day: With booze you loose. With dope there's hope.. (dope meaning pot)

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Posted 22 November 2014 - 11:55 PM

I had my first beer when I was 1 year old. I drank on and off until I was around 10. I was smoking MJ in 7th grade, cigs at 10 years old. I went to a parochial school where kids had money (and weed). We smoked before school, at break, during class (smoked cigs to cover up the pot odor), at lunchtime, after school, and all afternoon when we got home. We were way to stoned to think about alcohol.

To make a long story short, after my 3rd official driving under the influence conviction, I gave it up cold turkey for around 5 years. I just never had the need, nor a desire to drink. Same with MJ and cigs, although I never touched them at all after that. Alcohol was different.

I started to get really depressed. There was something wrong with me and I couldn't put my finger on it. The only legal avenue was alcohol. I started buying kegs from the big city brewery. They made it in the basement with no alcohol content no less than 6.5%, sometimes 8.5%. I bought 2 kegs a month and drank them by myself for 2 1/2 years. Not to mention that I couldn't get drunk on ale alone, so I started doing shots of vodka at the rate of 2 1.75L a week.

I stopped alcohol again after being diagnosed with an unknown autoimmune diseade and Parkinson Disease. It was very painful, so they tried out Morphine, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, Opana. you name it. And half the time I was on a Fentanyl patch, still am. After $20,000 spent on Doctors, Psychiatrists, Specialists, etc, I am very tired.

They still don't know what my diagnosis is.

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Posted 27 November 2014 - 11:54 AM

I like to drink. At times, I've drank way too much. Alcoholism runs in the family and some of my family have gotten DUIs, some multiple.


My advice is, if you're going to drink, limit yourself. Of course, if you are having trouble stopping drinking and you're drinking too much, well that can be tough. To be safe, what I do is I will go and buy one 24 ounce can of beer and that's two drinks. That's enough. If I want to get really buzzed I will buy two of them.


If I go buy a bottle of wine it'll likely be gone by the end of the day. If I go to harder stuff it will easily and quickly make me do stupid things. I might drive or I might drink too much. That's why I stick with beer or cider. Easier to pace myself and I can get it in small quantities. I don't even buy 6 packs anymore because I may drink them all. Also, if I have a buzz going on and I want another beer, I am smart enough to know to WALK to the liquor store.


Another thing that helps me not drink all the damned time is to write, draw, go for walks, exercise in other ways, read, learn things, do web design, etc. etc. Having those hobbies keeps me active and learning. Of course, watching documentaries or movies or a good series online or on Netflix is also good, but I find that stuff that requires my mind to think and concentrate helps me best. It's easy to sit down and drink when you're plopped in front of the TV. It's not as easy doing some other things, though I'll admit beer and writing and beer and art can go OK together. Beer and walking for exercise and beer and lifting weights, not such a good thing.


Long ago I had to learn that 99% of all the stuff I used to get into I can't use responsibly, so I stopped using them. Long ago I learned that if I want to drink responsibly I gotta buy it in small quantities.


Also, going into the liquor store every day and buying beer makes me feel guilty. I was drinking way too much for a while there. I used to work in those places so I know what the cashiers must have thought. It feels much better making that an occasional trip. Everyone's different, though.


And yeah, definitely trading one addiction for another is what a lot of people will do. What I was taught is that it's best to replace one negative behavior with a positive behavior. That works for me with a lot of stuff. If you just try to stop drinking and you're trading it for another drug, or you aren't doing anything positive to occupy your time it's probably not going to work for you very well.

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Posted 02 December 2014 - 04:57 PM



Doesn't only help with heroin- and opioid addicts, can also help alcohol addicts if used porperly and over a period of couple of days / weeks.

I don't have any knowledge myself unfortunately but I found everything I could read about it very interesting!


And as for how to stop drinking. I don't know. I don't drink any alcohol myself, never. Because I think it's one of the worst things that happend to humanity, but maybe I'm just to extreme about it, I don't know. I don't like the taste and the effects of alcohol so it's too easy to for me to give any advice, nonetheless, I recommend anyone reading a little bit about Ibogain who has addiction problems.



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Posted 08 December 2014 - 07:06 PM

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