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The LSA Diaries

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 05:51 PM

LSA contained within Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (HBWR).
Ive read about them for about a year now. Heard its enjoyable, heard they suck, and most often heard nothing... because i havent really seen all that much about them. Except when idiots do like 20+ seeds their first time.

[[[ This is not a good report as its lenght might entail, but its got good firsthand knowledge for those thinking about it ]]]

I had a small baggie with about 50 seeds total sitting in my closet at room temperature for about 6months. Ive thought about tring them on and off for a while but never got around to actually doing it. Because of all the bad trips written online, it kinda deterred me from 'wanting' to try them.

Just a few days ago i had the thought of these seeds pop up in my mind again. I gave it a quick thought, did some refresher research on them, talked to a fellow topiate here (ethnobotanist420) and decided taht I would finally try them. Wednesday, theres somthing about that day that i like, so i picked wednesday to be the day id give LSA a go for my first time.

I decided to do 5 seeds since it was my first time. A good intro, but nothing too intense. I read all about the nausea and i really wanted Lemon Essential Oil (LEO) to prevent it, but finding LEO is a LOT harder tahn i thought. Next time ima just buy it online. Since i couldnt find LEO i went ahead and bought Lemon Extract cuz i didnt think it was too differnet. I was just going to use more than i would with LEO. Because of ethnobotanist, i also purchased a small root of Ginger, incase the extract didnt work.

So i made my tea: 5 seeds, deshelled very well, smashed to a chunky powder in a plastic baggie with a hammer, put into a bottle of half full purified drinking water. Covered it in a blanket to avoid light and i just let it sit for 24 hours on the couch. Occasionally i would get up and shake it gently to slosh it around and get everything mixing well.

For the nausea my main source was the lemon extract. I ate a light meal about 45 minutes before the tea. Then 20minutes before the tea i drank a small glass of water with about 10 drops of the lemon extract in it.

Got the tea out of the blanket, it was now a light brown color,,,Drank the tea slowly.... over the course of 30minutes. It tasted not good but not horrible. I would not drink it for fun you know. Then i kinda just walked around my place cleaning up and setting the mood with music/ lighting/ temperature.

Then i decided i would walk around outside. Not too far from my place but just to get out for the initial effects to start. I went out brought the tea with me. Had about half of it left. Walked down the street was going to sit down by the pool but then i started to feel a little throw upy. So i thought i should just get back to my place. I walked back and drank more. Pukey feeling was getting stronger. I was like '' oh hell no, im eating that ginger for sure right when i get back ''. So i got back, got the ginger out cut off about the size of a large seedless grape, stuck it in my mouth and immediatly started chewing on it............
........ ive never aten straight ginger before...... it was MAD spicy!... i had no clue.... but i chewed it, was like "oh fuck its hot!" .. but i kept it in my mouth....swalled some and check some more that was still in my mouth....... almost immediatly the feeling of puking went away... within 5 minutes i no longer had taht feelign at ALL................... I will always have ginger on hand whenver i try this again. Ginger is awesome............ i hope LEO is as good as they say, cuz the extract was not....

After about a half hour i figured the effects would start coming on. So i sat on the couch and listened to my ipod playing on my speakers. Waited 15 minutes then got my bongos out and played them along with the music for about an hour. During this time i was now starting to feel 'funny'. Kinda wobbly feeling when i would stand up and walk around. The light in my place was a lot 'softer' than normal. Nothing too major though. Not really anything visually either.

I would stare at a blanket i had covering a light and i could kind of see it bending over itself, but it was very slight, nothing major at all. At about this time (2hours in) i started to feel VERY tired...... extremely tired/ fatigued. It was hard to move. I could move. I just didnt want to, because it would make me even more tired. Thats all i could think about. I had to quit playing my bongos cuz it was too much effort to play them.

So i layed back and just listened to the music. No visuals closed eyed or anything either. I was just very relaxed and tired. Occasionally i would open my eyes and begin to worry, thinking about stupid stuff like ''what hav you gotten yourself into'' ''is this what you want''.... but these are stupid thoughts, ive dealth with them my whole life and i have been ggetting a LOT better at handling them within the past 2 years or so. So i was able to just shrug off these stupid 'bad' thoughts and enjoy the mood i was in, the tired mood.

I might have fell asleep on the couch for like 15 minutes, idk. I do remember having some funny thoughts/ half dreams about stupid stuff. I remember stupid phrases in mid thought like "if you give me your hat ill give you 2 fish" it was stupid and made no sense lol.

I was soo tired i decided maybe i should just go to bed. I was DEFINATELY feeling some effect. The feeling when i stood up and walked around is what was the most noticible thing. Almost drunken like. But mentally still there for the most part. I thought about taking a shower. And i convinced myself to take one. So i went to the freezer, got a handful of frozen fruit and went to shower..... I love fruit....i ate it in the shower..... then i got soooo tired in teh shower i was like " should i take a bath " like in the tub,,, so i was like " fuck yea you should " so i just sat in the tub and let the hot water flow in filling it up.

I sat in there and at my awesome fruit for about 30 minutes. I layed down in the water most of the time FACE UP lol. Just extremely tired........ then i stood up....... managed to still brush my teeth.... and finally went to bed, where i fell asleep in minutes......... at like 9pm lol......... I slept awesome and woke up feeling extra refreshed!

I think the reason i did get as 'deep' with these seeds was because i didnt use that much. 5 seeds on most places is recorded as a threshold dose or common dose. Next time i think i will do 7. Its all risky cuz you really dont know how much your taking. Cuz a seed could contain a lot of LSA or could contain no lsa at all. so you really dont know. But you can roughly prepare by choosing the number of seeds..... i dont think 7, even if they were all full of lsa would be too overwhelming either.

Also, next time i think ill do it on a weekend or somthing so that ill be fully rested so i can observe its effects better.... cuz when i researched it i did not really read anything about how TIRED it makes you lol!

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 06:21 PM

Glad to hear things went well for you man!
That ginger is some spicy shit hey? haha Works like a charm tho... IME at least.
Sounds to me like you got a very mild experience but that's a lot better than over doing it on your first go round with a new substance...
Nice job, man... Sounds like you had a decent time... Maybe next time will be even better! :D

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 03:09 PM

Yesterday I consumed a tea made up of 7 HBWR seeds. 2 nights before this I decided that it was time for me to give HBWR another try, since last time was so “Blehh”. So I decided to up my dose by 2 seeds and give it another go. I peeled off the exterior fuzzy stuff/shell stuff and threw it all away, then I put the now ‘clean’ seeds into a baggie and lightly crushed them with a hammer. Added the crushed seeds to a bottle of purified drinking water, and let it sit on the counter wrapped in a blaket (to block out light).

I shook the bottle every time I was home to do it to get it all mixed up.
I knew from last time that the Lemon Extract does NOT work, so I went out an got a thing of ginger.
The morning of (I did this on a Saturday so I was well rested) I at a very small amount of ginger immediately before drinking the tea. Then I drank the tea over a 30 minute span. I ate a little bit more ginger while I was drinking it, and then ate a small bit more once I finished the tea……. I fucking hate ginger.

Since I started drinking the tea, the horrid taste of the tea and ginger mix made me want to vomit already (not physically, the taste was just that bad, and the spicyness of the ginger was not pleasant). So, I finished the tea. I went around my place getting ready. I did some dishes, had some good music playing, and was deciding what I should do. I planned at some point to take a shower, go outside for a walk, and maybe chill by the pool. I decided to start cutting up some fruit ( I LOVE fruit). I cut a cantelope, cleaned it out and ate a few pieces.

The I just sat on the couch and chilled listening to the music for about 20 mintues. I was starting to get that TIRED feeling again. More than anything I could not get the nasty taste out of my mouth/ thoughts. I tried drinking juice and gaturade and water but nothing cud help. Now, even though I did eat the ginger I was starting to feel slight nausea- like the tea was crawling up my throat. I ate a bit more ginger and went to the shower.

I filled the tub with warm water. I brought a slice of cantelope with me incase I wanted more. I chilled in the tub, with music playing. Now my thoughts started to go. The HBWR made me think a lot more. I was not ‘seeing’ anything, but I was thinking every second.

And I cannot hide this:
When I was in the tub (and I think the bad taste/ slight nausea added to this) I started to get that damn ‘scared’ feeling. Before I did this I was telling myself what I was about to do, realizing that It will last many hours. But in the tub its like,,,, the bad stuff I could think of, like not breathing, heart beat, vomiting, and other health concerns were swarming in my head. I kept thinking about each of those things on an off. I did not ‘fight’ any of these, I kinda just worked with them. I would tell myself “of course your breathing! You did this before and you had no problems.” Same thing with the heartbeat stuff…….

So I got out of the tub and made my way to the couch. This is soooo much easier said than done. The TIREDNESS feeling was full on at this point. It was HARD to just get up and out of the tub… but I made it over to the couch.

I sat there and thought about those same bad thoughts more. I focused on my breathing. There was a sort of delay. Like I would check my breath by taking a few deep breaths, but it would seem MUCH longer inbetween breaths than normal,,,, this did not freak me out tho.. It was more just something I noticed.

With that TIRED feeling consuming me, and the minor bad thoughts in my head,,I decided it was best to just watch a movie. Apacolypto. That’s the movie I watched I never seen it before (LOL if you ever seen it I probably should have watched something different). It was a good movie. Mayan stuff.

I just sat and watched the movie, occasionally focusing on my breath. It was kind of hard to stay awake, but the intensity of the movie helped keep my eyes opened. I was also sitting in weird positions without really realizing it. My neck most of all. I would lay down and have my neck in a real awkward position….. LEGS, my legs also were weird. I kept moving them. For most of the movie I kept fidgeting my legs. I don’t know why.

I finished the movie. I ate some solid food (bread n peanut butter) during it. When I would stand up, walking around felt different defiantly. That is probably the biggest ‘tripping’ effects I got. Kind of like that drunk feeling but more controlled.

Because it took so much work to move, and because I was still having some nausea feelings I decided to just stay still. Staying still was the best thing to stop the nausea feeling for me. So I watch another movie- Avatar. By the end the effects were starting to wear off. Still noticible, but not as strong. The walking around feeling didn’t feel as strong, the nausea was completely gone, And my breathing timing was returning to a more normal state. This is probably 7hrs into the trip.

In sum this was not the type of experience I would have liked it to be. It composed mostly of an extreme tired feeling, a slight fear of the effects it would have on my health, and a whole body ‘numbness’ feeling (like the feeling RIGHT BEFORE you get that rubber band arm feeling when ur arm falls asleep). I think that’s why I kept moving my legs and changing my body position. The nausea was a problem, I probably should have eaten more ginger but I hated the taste so much.

Next time, IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME, I will use Lemon Essential Oil as my nausea blocker. I have heard it works much better and I know the taste will not be a problem at all. Im pretty sure the nausea feeling in combination with my noticible breathing delayedness is what made the minor bad thoughts come in… If I were to do it again, without the nausea, I think ill be completely used to the breathing stuff and it wont fill my thoughts as much. I’d also bump up to 8 or 9 seeds I think to hopefully get MORE of the psychedelic feelings that ive heard about.
I don’t know if there’ll be a ‘next time’ however. If it is, it is many months in the future. Im done with HBWR for a while. Too much tiredness and that everpresent ‘numb’ feeling in ur body. I dnt like those health concerning things. The delayed breathing thing is common in other psychedelics but I dnt like the others.

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 04:06 PM

You might try eating the ginger before the tea, during the tea, and after the tea. Seems like waiting for the nausea before eating it is almost counterproductive. Your experience rather well mirrors my own with morning glory seed extract. Lots of tiredness early in the trip, nausea and shits after the nausea, then it settled into a nice display of summer color and light. IME it's best to do this stuff in the summer because the vasoconstriction makes even a warm summer day kinda chilly. Nothing has changed about all this LSA research in the twenty years I've been haunting the internets. people try different things but always end up with the same results. If it weren't something I can buy at a flower store I wouldn't mess with the seeds again.

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 05:55 PM

I've got significant stomach problems, so most things tend to bother me a lot (cactus tea, morning glory seeds, etc), but I've had very little problems with just entirely removing the husk (not deshelling), grinding them up in a blender, and drinking them down. No cold water extract, just water with the crushed seeds in it's entirety. If you're experiencing nausea, I would try them from a different vendor before you tried different ways of extracting; my trips with extractions have been minimal compared to eating the seeds with the water. Try a trusted vendor that promises no pesticides or coating, and make sure you get /all/ of the husk off.

If you want a comparison, HBWR is something I've had a lot of experience with.

It's one of the few things I've basically reached a plateau with that, regardless of eating 5-10 additional seeds, once you get up to about 10-12, there aren't really any more effects.

If you've experienced other psychedelics, it will be much easier to explain them. They are almost entirely non-visual effects. I've had great experiences with them at higher doses, but they've been almost entirely cerebral with no visual hallucinations. They were enjoyable, and tended to last longer than when I've eaten shrooms and mescaline, but shorter than LSD.

They haven't been as enjoyable with other people as shrooming was for me, so I've tended to do them alone, and had great times with them. The memory that seems to define them for me is sitting in my chair, feeling very much like the alien in Men in Black that sat in the "mans" head and controlled his body with levers. It made me feel extremely distanced from my body, like my mind was an entirely separate being.

Best of luck, hope this helps.

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 10:30 PM

My plans are as follows:


-Taking the day off tomorrow-


Gonna wake up and go get a bottle of Maker's Mark and a ginger root. I'll start the day off with a glass or two of the whiskey.  Then might go lay out by the pool for an hour or so. Then i'll come back to the house and make a ginger tea with about 1.5 inches of ginger root and some  honey.... then sip on the tea. By around noon a HBWR cold water extract (9 seeds) that has been sitting for 2 days will be drank (mixed with a juice).


The main plan of the day is to just sit back and enjoy the day and watch the Masters golf tournament. Judging by how it goes I may have a few additional glasses of whiskey.


My intentions are to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience. I've never mixed alcohol with LSA before. I've read that it has a synergistic value between them as long as you don't overdo it.

Will report back (possibly throughout the day).

#7 Hypervision


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Posted 15 April 2014 - 10:31 PM


I could absolutely NOT DRINK the LSA TEA. 30minutes before I planned to drink the lsa tea I attempted to make a ginger tea. I FKN hate ginger. I could only drink 1/2 a cup of ginger tea. Tasted disgusting. Then I figured whatever Ill just deal with the nausea. So I began to drink the lsa tea. But the lsa tea was even worse. So I mixed in some juice but that did absolutelty nothing. Still horrible.


So, I never drank it. I got like 2 sips and that was it lol.


I spent the rest of the day semi-drunk just chilling watching the Masters, going to the pool, listening to music, walking the dog, playing pool (billiards), and chilling in a hammock. All by myself, but it was till very very chill and relaxing and fun for myself. And I might have learned a bit from the experience. Still an overall good day. Sorry for no LSA details.

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Posted 23 June 2018 - 09:35 PM

I just tried it today. I soaked the seeds in cold spring water with lemon juice to help leach out the LSA. I did remove the shell of course. I am much more cautious that you, I made a tea with 3 seeds, and drank only the equivalent of 1 seed worth. I also made ginger root tea by boiling the sliced root for like an hour, I ended up with the ginger tea and seed tea, having a full cup of tea - I combined them. I measured 1/3 of that tea and drank it. It had been sitting in the refrigerator all night so it was cold, and I recommend it cold. In about an hour I felt relaxed and I had that sensual feeling, and a bit of tingling in my hands and feet. I too napped a bit and had trippy hypnagogic images. I felt very good and relaxed. I will drink the rest of the tea in a day or 2, not sure how long the tolerance builds up for. Maybe you did too much. Maybe the secret is don't expect it to be like an acid trip. It is what it is.

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Posted 25 June 2018 - 08:33 AM

check Norman's lsa extraction thread (probably others here if you search)


cold water extract is the least efficient and pulls the most undesirable crud from the seeds


a cleaner extract = cleaner ride

#10 Plant



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Posted 25 June 2018 - 09:24 AM

I did a Mycotopia search for Norman's LSA extraction and the only result was this thread. I can't imagine any cleaner way to make a tea, boiling surely wouldn't be cleaner. You must be talking about a complex chemical extraction, which I am not going to do.

#11 Cuboid



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Posted 25 June 2018 - 02:15 PM

I think this is the Norman's thread:-
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#12 darci


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Posted 28 June 2018 - 01:39 PM

Lsa is very interesting to me, and I hope to try it again.


If I were to try to encapsulate my experience within one sentence, it would be this:


I was enveloped in soft paisley.





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Posted 30 June 2018 - 05:35 PM

Well, I drank the rest of my tea today. I suppose it was about twice as much or so as the first time. It took really like 3 hours to start truly feeling it. I am still there. I really don't know what the OP got, may his seeds were old or not the best. I used HBWR seeds, not morning glory. I am without caveat tripping. It a sleepy dreamy state, with blurry vision, but definitely a true trip. Very visual in a mind wandering dreamy sense, not a "I'm seeing stuff crawl across every surface" kind of way. It's great, but hard to get up and be active. It seems that most botanicals are sleepy like this, at least for me.

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