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Save the Monarch Butterfly

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Posted 27 October 2019 - 06:33 AM

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I totally forgot about the duck tape holding the caterpillar to the leaf lmao

I keep trying to stay out of it not trying to save everything cuz it back fires more times than not.... But I keep sticking my nose where it doesn't belong and mess it all up... But ya there's a shit load of butterflies coming your way.... I'm hoping they don't all eat that rare milkweed.... They ate the milkweed to sticks here but the plants on a whole group here produced seed well... And majorly fertilized the area

I'm wondering how much and what minerals does milkweed bring up from the deep or from around... With monarch caterpillars spinning the cacoon it has the metals in it the caterpillar only eats milkweed many kinds but only milkweed.... The butterflies I heard I think it was a nature of things documentary the butterflies have a metal in the brain that help them possibly find their way.... It's an interesting thing I want to look into this winter.... If anyone has seen that doc or have any information please do so

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Posted 27 October 2019 - 06:55 AM

One other note it's been freezing here most nights the chrysalis there is still 2 in my front porch out of the weather barley.. I think they got too cold all the butterflies are gone.... I tried but these were late tiny tiny hatchlings while some were butterflies I think they were laying eggs and leaving so they didn't have time to grow.... This is the area to get out of butterflies lol too far north but they tried and that's the point anyway of how they started to migrate along with the food source.... Both using wind to thier advantage follow the wind tunnel highways and railway...

When they widened the trans Canada highway they sprayed grass on the edge of the road.... This guy I can understand why he is upset grading a road b4 the rare plant sets seed and the invasive grass like the stuff they spray on the side of the road... We mess so many things up and its hard to change it sometimes it messes up even more

All we can do is spread the knowledge to inform people try to do what we can... Getting depressed about it doesn't help anything... I like the fact that he is putting knowledge out there

Invasive plants its been going on for ever should we try and control it or bring more in... Some times I believe a plant has legs using us to get around kinda like rocks do lol....

I also have tried to use your problem to your advantage... But it takes more thought which really what we should do all threw our life anyway slow down and think
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