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This year's container vegetable garden

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 01:05 PM

Some shots of this year's veggie garden. Doing a several different tomatoes, jalapenos, spinach,
green onions, honeydew melons, gold liner melons, basil, thyme, squash, and cukes.

per 25 gallon tote-
4 bricks eco earth brand coco
1.5 cu ft compost (bagged variety)
1/2 gallon fine vermiculite
3 cups kelp meal
3 cups bone meal
2 cups alfalfa meal
2 cups espoma bio tone starter plus
2 cups espoma garden tone
2 cups espoma plant tone
2 cups greensand
2 cups rock phosphate
2 cups composted peat moss
2 cups diatomaceous earth
2 cups sand
1/2 cup gypsum
1/2 cup espoma tomato tone
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut
1/2 cup flax seed meal

the coir was hydrated with tap water (135 ppm, tested with hannah 9813-6) then allowed to sit in the rain and be flushed of all excess salts. after a week exposed to the elements the coir began to turn black and show some evidence of composting/bacterial breakdown. when bacterial decomposition had begun, additives were mixed in and allowed to sit for a week before transplanting.

this mixture is tailored around a high CEC (cation exchange capacity), air filled porosity, bacterial diversity, a large amount of ingredients with auxins/cytokinenins/gibberlins in addition to npk values, and a balance of short/long breakdown materials. I am going to dump the totes at the end of the season and add back more alfalfa, kelp, coconut meat, and flax before it composts over the winter.

i brew compost teas as well, my recipe is (per 13 gallons)-
1 cup compost
1 cup alfalfa
1 cup kelp
1/3 cup blackstrap molasses
3 mL liquid humic additive

i use a long sock to hold the dry tea ingredients, and before i begin brewing, i submerge the sock and squeeze it several times to moisten the ingredients and get the microscopic particulate into the water to be colonized by bacteria. this tea is watered down 1:3, so a batch makes a little over 50 gallons. after brewing, the once dry tea ingredients are used as top dressing for the plants.

Fungal colonization of soil-

Basil roots prior to transplant


Jalapenos, purple basil, thyme and citrus basil-


Basil flowers

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 02:46 PM

Already have some tomatoes coming in. They are a little bit bigger than a golf ball so far.

Varieties are super sweet seedless hybrid, cosmonaut volkov, rutgers, juliet, sweetie grapes, roma, and roma grande.

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