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Shine Laws

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#21 lonelynewman



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Posted 26 May 2014 - 08:15 AM

i dont know where people live, nor do i care. dont know YOUR laws

here in the united flakes, it is 100% illegal to distill ANY ethanol, even for fuel, without a license

uh, youre not getting one unless you have a school, and are doing ethanol fuel from corn experiment, and then must tell them when, where, etc

to open a distillery, you need millions in insurance, plenty of permits etc

the good newz? who frickin cares? my imaginary friend distills about once a week, the smell aint too bad, and its in a garage, the fuckwads CANNOT come in, at all, without a warrant, which it would bee impossible for them to get based on a smell that is not as identifiable as cannabis

and no jail time.


the irs normally takes the case, looks at the still, multiplies the potential output by 365 and charges you taxes on 1 year of production. 

#22 cubed



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Posted 28 May 2014 - 09:20 PM

Stills are absolutely legal to own. The distillation of alcohol is only legal for fuel with a permit.The beauty is that there is no difference in the process for either. Also the permit is free and completely uninvestigated, they basically just want info in case you were trying to sell. Personal amounts in your home, well how the fuck would they know-they won't. you can run a lawn mower with alcohol, grab a permit its legal and a green thing to do. Recycling via fermentation.

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