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First PEu.... From multiSpore to clone....

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#1 champa


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Posted 30 June 2013 - 07:19 AM

So, i want to post it, in my growlog, but it s a so special variéty so i decided to work whit it for a maybe long time....

My first flush is not special, but i know the PE and sometimes There is a good différence between each flush....

But, the color is fantastic, and i will work to clone this variét' and begin a new culture from clone....

But so happy, because a i worked a lon time to have this so little flush, but magnifique shroom!


Started from corn....

Avorté and mutants

penis envy uncunt2221112.jpg

Fisrt flush:

RSCN740paint .jpg

pesée unique peu paint.jpg
paint .jpg

After 10 minutes from freez,the petri dishes began to turn blue...10 minutes!!!(This is a multi spore inoculate petri after 2 month and freshing)

paint peu 280613 première foto avec trois peu.jpg

peu pâint.jpg

paint .jpg

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#2 Justintime



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Posted 30 June 2013 - 07:32 AM

Love the fatties!



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Posted 30 June 2013 - 09:06 AM

I grew out PEU, not too long ago.
VERY potent!
That I CAN remember.
I never let mine get as far along as you did.
Those look nice!
Are they solid?
Mine were.
They averaged 1-3 g each,
when dry, and ready to go.
They are the only ones that give PE itself any competition,
(realizing that I have yet to cultivate APE).

#4 champa


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Posted 30 June 2013 - 10:30 PM

Yes, they are very thick, ou 'épais', in fact, they look like crazy, but one by one they are very heavy....

Maybe thats why because they are so...strong!!!!

I post the continuation....

I weigh the end of the harvest, more 30grammes, 80 grammes at all...

so, But I know the pe

Very unstable, and can give surprises afterward

J ' imagine that they are similar, so waiting the second flush...

other pic...

the most heavypesage du plus gros peupaint.jpg

end of the first flush and harvest: 30 g morepesage des trois dernier flush un, paint.jpg

after, "Une bonne grosse bite": need a big pussy...

and after 24 h drying


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#5 champa


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 06:41 PM

J ' realized a culture in a tub for the cooking and finally, later easily one month there is some mushrooms there which grow

But not enough interesting to clone

In brief, a little disappointed, but this variety is not so simple as that...

J ' shall try to stimulate the to mwhole ake a print and boost while being at it a culture with, j ' noticed that so by making we had better results..

I puts you all the same some day photo

Bye bye




#6 champa


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Posted 15 August 2013 - 05:32 PM

And after few days, the result....
Not dramatically expensive but the beauty is here...





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  • 1-RSCN9332.jpg

#7 Uncle G

Uncle G

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Posted 15 August 2013 - 06:42 PM

Your a dirty boy Champa.

#8 champa


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Posted 15 August 2013 - 08:07 PM

But disapointed

i ' shall wait of vsi for these things go to sporulation, because what has what it adorned ' is impossible to pull them spores.

It will be necessary can be to make prelevement with astérile cotton stick but I master not the trick but I shall win has to try, I believe that we call that a "swab"

J noticed that we can make restart and releave a strain much better if spores are fraiches, but it will stay has to try with this strain

#9 champa


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Posted 17 August 2013 - 03:56 PM

More disapointed again.....

How printing them????

i dont believe its possible. How do they do to make spore siriynge of this fucking strain????

I wait more 24 hour, we will see tomorrow after come back from work. But i dont believe this culture good is. The good point is thats my first monotube, and with succes, but i want to grow up, and realized great thinks with this untipical strain, maybe the most powerfull.

I see blue cap, on all. They go advorted. I dont know how to prononce them in english, but in france we say 'avorté'. Here, with surprises, i see some 'avortés' on all my shroom, ad the end, and no sporulation...

Is this spores Blues???

I dont believe it. I believe no more than 10 pour cent go to print, but i only have 6 or 7 shroom.

Maybe the second flush will be better. I only want to make print, because after twoo years culture, i realize that the mushroom will be boosted if you grow fresh spores. The more fresh they are, the more fantastic grow you have.

I realize this, and this is a great knowing idea i see want i see the first version of psilly simons guide and pf tek of fanaticus, . They said thats the best result to have a new better culture, is to print, and grow fresh spores.

I also constated this with fresh spores. Fresh spores colonize very fast, and give more flush and more shroom. If i can print them, i realize at the same time a nex culture of Penis envy uncunt, because this is one of the most strange shromm i grow, and the most powerfull.

I give only one shroom a friends for all the party, and Alll go away. Over brain. Dammage brain lol...

I will wait to tomorrow and after, i harvest them.

I have made i very big shroom and i impatient to calcule his weight.

If some one constate or think i have to clone them, i will do, but only if somebody think its a good idea.

Also, is there anybody to explain to me how to SWAB them???

Because, i thinks thats the only way to have spore from PEU

So pic

(sorry for this bad english, i will better do tomorrow, peace)

rouli, or champ', at myco...





#10 bill pans

bill pans


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Posted 17 August 2013 - 07:10 PM

i would clone your best fruit, your yield should improve on the next grow, good luck :teeth:

#11 champa


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Posted 18 August 2013 - 05:50 PM

Come back...

so, i cut and harvest today. Only 60 grammes fresh. No idéa dry, we will see...

But in fact, i don't believe at the beginning your post Billy pans.... But i have do why you advice to me. i realize to clone on agar. I cut the A prélevement of the level of the cap, a prelevement of the stalk below, later harvest or approximately the 1 am later.

I clone the middle champotes- cluster.
i believe its certainly better to high-end the middle of the cluster, isn ' t it???

So i have clone one to agar, we dpYa recipe. We will see.. Purpose yew i got some other big flush I keep a part of the first flush on petri dishes...

I always say, at the french forum, every weeks, thats the mushroom like to make surprise...Every time, you have surprises, there is no limit to the expérience, D you know what I mean?? archi-lol???

So, i realy surprising about the blue colors of this fucking shroom...maybe the most blue i ever seen. In fact, the contact create psilocybine oxydation at the worst...

All of the shroom is blue after cloning. It s fantastic, i really be conscient that s shroom are the most powerfull i ever grow....

For it all, i dont eat before a good friend say to me how powerfull they are... its not courageous, but i take in the last years of my life only single little portioon of drug...i have a very loud past, with a lot of probleme with drug, so today i be courageous and not crazy, i take my time ans maybe its today for me more to enjoy...

My drean stay to have a create a very potent shroom with caractéristique special and strange, maybe the PEU is a good condidate, but i have to train them.

i have already made trainning with other species with little succes, but i still have to convain the french grower to test my work. It would be better for the beginnig, and after, to trade the best work i have ever do, in myco community..

so , to much word, so i post pictures...

If someone have advice or question, i can heard and say how i do...;)

1-RSCN9545.jpg First flush....5 champi, or shroom, thts why im disappointing

1-DSCN9548.jpg The Petri dishes on agar recipe....under the monotub, en france nous appellons cette culture: monobac. A great work. Fpr great growers lol

1-DSCN9547.jpg You can see the part. Only 5 liter but 2.5 liter occuped. For all. I have to take one liter of boiling water and dunk make.

1-RSCN9553.jpg The cloned shroom at the end, between dark and blue deep colour.... Fantastic. Pour la beauté de vos yeux....

#12 champa


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Posted 03 November 2013 - 05:27 AM

So, Myco is going back,  i putt more pictures . Enjoy!

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  • 1-RSCN9719.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9721.jpg
  • 1-DSCN9756.jpg
  • 1-RSCN8974.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9818.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9601.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9636.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9718.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9719.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9724.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9738.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9725.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9678.jpg
  • 1-DSCN9628.jpg
  • 1-RSCN9726.jpg



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Posted 03 November 2013 - 07:26 AM

Impressive pictures, champa!

You have A LOT of determination,

and results to prove it!

Liquid Culture is the only way I was

successful in propagating this substrain.

I did some swabs of PE regular before,

but have not tried to revive them yet.


G'Luck, and please keep the pics coming!!!

#14 drmcnasty


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Posted 03 November 2013 - 10:12 PM

I have only had luck with cultures also.

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