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some cheap "rum"

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#1 permafrying



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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:27 PM

aright unc here it is. lol its nothing special and i doubt anyone on here is going to want to try it but here's how i made some surprisingly delicious "rum" using freeze "distillation."

supply list is easy.

2 fermenters (some car boys or milk jugs)
a couple gallon and half gallon milk jugs will also be neccessary.
airlock or balloon
red star pasteur champagne yeast (i used bread yeast the first time still tasted good) an auto syphon (not necessary but it helps).
2 lbs brown sugar per gallon
tall skinny bottles

start boiling however much water you choose to use.

let it simmer down and add in your brown sugar stir it occasionally make sure it gets mixed in well and not burnt.

clean up your equipment. bleach water and a good rinsing is the best way to go imo. you want that fermenter clean.

prepare your airlock or pop a hole in your balloon with a tac

let the mix cool down and add it to your fermentor of choice.

i only use about 1 tsp of yeast for a gallon. remember yeast multiplies. a whole package would be better for 3-5 gallons.

you're gonna want to basically let it run dry or atleast sit for a month. after that months over auto syphon it into a secondary fermenter and let it sit a week or so.

after its done you'll syphon it into a milk jug if you werent using one already and stick it into the freezer. this should kill the yeast and freeze the WATER. a tip after a few hours or when its decently solid if you left a little head room in the top of the jug you can tip it upside down to help speed up your drain runs.

once its been sitting for atleast a day you'll want to drain it into another jug. allot of the water will frozen so your getting a more concentrated mix you want. the easiest way to do this is to glue two milk jug caps together drill a good sized hole and put an empty jug on one side and your alcy on the other. doing this you'll be able to just set it in the freezer with the empty jug in the bottom and let it drain. you want to try and drain in the freezer so water doesnt melt as your in process because it can take forever.

when the top jug is clear white and only water you'll remove it and leave the conentrate in the freezer another 24 hours and do the same process after it freezes. you can continue the process further for higher alcohol contents. or lower your freezer temps. but i find after two pulls its perfect on taste.

after all this is said and done you'll want to "pre bottle" it and stick it in the fridge. tall skinny bottles do best and you'll see why. the longer it sits in the fridge the more you'll start to see it clear up as the yeast starts to fall. once all the yeast has settled you can poor off the "rum" and drink it or bottle it. make sure not to let any yeast slip by on the poor you'll have to leave some rum behind.

i dont use anything to kill the yeast and make it settle so it ends up in threw the whole process meaning that after all this you still need to get rid of it. the good thing is it makes you age it a little and it comes out great. this is basically just a brown sugar wash but it tastes like rum and it uses brown sugar so i call it rum lol.

enjoy if your willing. its kind of ghetto and i always used a milk jug and balloon because thanks to this site my brewing fell to the side of my mycology and my funds went to my set up

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#2 Uncle G

Uncle G

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 04:31 PM

Sorry just caught this.

#3 permafrying



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Posted 06 August 2013 - 04:57 PM

your good i forgot i wrote it
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#4 Thulsa_Doom


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 07:09 AM

Too bad I don't drink...always wanted to make my own rum.

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