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PAnaéolus BIsporUs.... Time to grow in france...the Little blue is back!

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#1 champa


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Posted 03 November 2013 - 05:49 AM

So, im very happy to share this pictures, of a little Panaéolus culture who are growing in my appartement, in france.


Its the first time, i v got PAn; not very much, but some great specimen. I hav a big specimen which is 5 grammes!


So, i giv my pictures.


If somebody can explain how to have much mushroom, because, i have do a lot of energie, but no more than cubies, im ready to know it.



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#2 Seeker2be


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Posted 03 November 2013 - 07:53 AM

Beautiful work as always Champa!!!!!!!  Your Tek???

#3 champa


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Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:23 AM

Hello poto!!!


I use the same tek since the beginning, with little variante..


I use corn for the "blanc" and Some enriched-compost , vermiculite and some composted dung (here is for the nourishing layer)

i have made a gobetage and a

Since the beginning I make the same thing and with the cubs too

But I notice that the fresh dung works much better,

It is thus better to fetch the dung as long as it is fresh by one even


I post the picture for today....




RSCN9540.jpg RSCN9521.jpg RSCN9541.jpg RSCN9542.jpg RSCN9517.jpg RSCN9518.jpg

#4 MrGumball


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Posted 04 November 2013 - 11:46 AM

Hey Champa, good to see you again!

#5 champa


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 10:43 PM

The last flush, only small little shrrom and not specificly numerous.


I post the last pic, dry and the last shroom i harvested.


I hope to do better after. i also have to regener a liquid culture of pan Goliath (thanks to you breeders!)  , Create a panaéolus red spores liquid culture (i did two type of sugar in CL, maybe surprise next time) and work with bisporus,  but i have to work by myself, and find a solution to keep the pan in fresh area. The probleme is here.


Are anybody ok, with that, if i use h2o2 for increase the quantity of O2 in the terrarium???


I believe its maybe possible....


After i post to photo of Lichens, found in my father garden  on fir tree. Magestic nature, fantastic....

#6 champa


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 10:59 PM



i learnt that lichens were has half seaweed has half chamgnons
thus you can keepthem dry without propallid

In Russia, we make of very well natural remedies to fight against certain diseases with lichens,it countered what is more there is a lichen who prevent the cancer

( I l have learned it in  a novel of Soljenitsyne,  (alexander, 1960/2010 for his fantastic work) a very big one Russian writers, Nobel Prize in certainly a little french lol)
RSCN9626.jpg RSCN9913.jpg RSCN9550.jpg DSCN9887.jpg RSCN9914.jpg DSCN8984.jpg RSCN9006.jpg RSCN9005.jpg RSCN9004.jpg RSCN9033.jpg

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