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3/3 clone from CHMPMGK, Rouli's training will become one day champa's victory...

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 06:06 AM

Hello the community I am an average farmer native of France, what can explain my English rotted.

Well, you know well it as much as me, France  is smaller than Texas,

But if we had 50 times France, as your 50 states,  "on vous mettraient la paté"



Never forgot than usa were at one time the most powerfull colony of france, and when France has got all africa....


D'you know whats tipyc from france???  c ' is the cock, and you know why?

Because he never stops boasting, even both legs in the shit ( French proverb'   the only right)


I have to inform you that there is now more d one year, i ' tried an experience that i called  the "training of clone"...

Based on two things, the fact that the mycelium produces its enzymes and adapts itself, the slurry for proof, and deuxio that it runs out on the same continuous substratum
, second proof..


So i have to explain how i began the first really expérience to acclimate a clone from a tipicall european strain, at every type of substrate, and to grow ever and ever better...


But it s today "encore" One expériment.


I have to share it also, because at this right time, i v got the final goal i arrived. The 3/3 Clone from PF RED SHroom. The famous little red from fanaticus...


I post also all my works in french to CHMPMGK also champimagik, or "magik mushies" in France, where i grew, even bothe legs in the shit...



So, i have to explain


the théory is

you can introduce a plan in the fungy. Maybe the fungy has a Enzymes Memorie, this is the time to test this memory...


and, i grew PF on compost, vermiculite, agar, honey, corn, yealt, patatoes water, dextrose, extract from yealt XXX, Shit, several quality of shit, (not mine of course) and a lot of psecial thing like cats croquettes, and eucaliptus.....



After three time to grew on normal substrate, and three time to isolate and clone again and again, after one years, i v got a 3/3 three by three clone, to in fact, realize the final experience about the reality of the fact


are some clone better than other fresh spores from the mother of these clones???


Its a very good question, and today i m prood to show you a 3/3 clone, because i grew on three type of substrate, three time of agar recipe, and three differentes sugar for Liquid culture....


I v got the last etape finalised last week, the final petri dishes is coming up. Better and better.

I have to do the last thing, to put it in a final liquid culture, to grow the first liquid culture from the first clone at the same time i grow the 3/3 clone.


I must do it maybe twice or more time, to completely have a very good result.


But, i t s a very good day, after 1 years to do that to show you the last result.


i can also post pic from the work of this last year,. I also do the same with Astrain, and menace strain, but the resuts were not so optimistics, but i do the PF .Red. Pf red, please. Dont forget the red.


If the clone do better than the mother of himself, so i have to share it in 10 grower's in france and maybe more in USa, But nothing to pay, i wish to offer this clone to everybody wants to grow it.


i hope to realize my dream, to do better than nature can do.


some pict, the last from the last petri dishes


RSCN9804.jpg 1-RSCN9161.JPG 1-DSCN4134.jpg 1-DSCN4134.jpg 1-DSCN4891.jpg 1-DSCN7079.jpg 1-DSCN3744.jpg




see you later, for the next and final stage...To compare, production, and all agressivity, rapidité, colonisation,  qualité et potentiel, maturation....Sorry the french devil is going to possess me...



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Posted 12 April 2014 - 09:37 PM

so, today, at the beginning of avril, i have to explain that

the both CL are already to work, i post some pix, for today


and aother pics who explain what i want to do, and about to work


this is the lesson, i discoverd to the mushroom, lesson about an other topic, wich call the cardboard tek, i will create some day, so

I have to describe them, but in first everybody can see this first lesson


'in the same condition, the shroom clone, from a first condition culture, and growing a second time, is potentialy more rapid (faster than) than the other, even the best multispore product"


thats a thing i discovered a few time, when i was working with clones.

You can see by yourself


The liquid culture spend less than two time to grow, and the carton tek, the cardboard layer is more than two time faster grow from the other. seing by pix, demonstratedRSCN0054.jpg DSCN0049.jpg RSCN0404.jpg RSCN0403.jpg DSCN0060.jpg by them.


in first, at the left, the ¨PE clone, in first time growing on Liquid culture, and corn, fruiting and go to clone in petri dishes. After this petri totaly colonised, i picked them on liquid culture. And after all put them in a new liquid culture


at any case i m already say that

it will be more faster than, any other best mukltispores strain.


a few time i discovered Mazapatec shroom . Maybe one of my best multispore strain. so i use the same thing to compare this strain to pe clone.

You will see by yourself. In fact the clone grow most faster than the pe clone, like the PF red clone i have to work, for the best and the worst, but i dont take pix about the pf red, only a cl culture, so i post cl pix and pe clone culture, by a tek from myself, the Cradboard layer tek, you will see the result on cardboard, but it s only the same in all substrat.


For the best and the worst, thats wy works, i post them today and create a topic maybe intitulated: cardboard layer, in fact...




bye, everybody

next stape, to grow the final shroom, the finaly result, and confronted to the MS first liquid culture.

and some more pix about my lonely life, my two cats, and my 2 kilo of psilocybe cyanofriscosa whit mycélium, the best thing i have to do in my little place of earth at 22 degré




thanks for all


see you soon

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