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Posted 15 March 2014 - 04:24 AM

pluming is not being tackled yet but thanks for that info Jethro :)

I do have a copper supply line and it has become corroded in places if I turn the water off for the kitchen it sprays out of one of the taps .... not a good seal on it or something it doesnt leak if it stays on...?? but anyway when I re due the pluming running new lines might be in my best interest

we have replaced some of it here and there hooking up laundry and changing sinks and such but the main line has not been replaced yet ...


-and my kids are older now but they grew up here not babies here but youngest was a toddler and well washing up has never been their best quality ;)

it should be an easy enough test at the Dr. office so I will check it out see what the Dr might say...


the floor paint is in good shape not peeling or cracking but the window sills are chipping and I know one of them was chipping paint off with their finger nail honestly I havent thought about the paint so much I have scraped paint off and even striped pain off furniture and doors b4 wearing a mask and doing this outdoors with a tarp not to let the stripper stuff get away


Looking around I have more of this cardboard board around but not much more some of it is on the stairs and it goes up behind the stairs it is going to be hard to get it out of here unless we cut it then pull the nails out and take it out whole at least in this spot there is no wall paper and we can just pop the board off  leave the stuff that runs behind the stairs as it will not be bothered anyway ....

maybe b4 cutting it use some thick masking tape on the edge to be cut tape it up really good then cut threw the tape and board will keep more of the fibers from being airborne

sometimes tho it is best to leave it alone till there is a better idea as being stupid pulling it off can cause more issues then leaving it

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