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MaZa Ta Pec...... One of mine.... Mexican way to becom a part of god...

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#1 champa


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 04:06 AM

Hello Veribody, i was watching all pics when i discover that i never post this pict from a culture i grew since maybe one year..


Like the title, you will see i m speaking about one of the most celebre mexicain strain, from maza , in mexic.


So, i post them, for the pleasure to share, because, i know you are all crazy like me who love watch pict about victory mushroom fight....


So, i post them, i only hope to have the good pic because, i have lost the USb card who are the first pict, and i have to copi them on CHMPMGK, the french grower site about shriooommmm


So, i explain

first, foil jar, 2 liter

and, in the bottom,  Vermi or Perlite

And after: 50 corn colonised and 50 ( composted dung and vermi)

100% compost enriched and vermiculite

1cm of vermi and permlite

cardboard layer for incubation...


At all step i used stérilised water, boiled water in fact. very boiled.


Go to colonised at 27/28

after the cardboard was colonised, i used a little térrarium, with 98% hygro maybe, in fact i dont really know how much, but very important quantity.

all day, i used fresh air, with aquarium matos, and spray distilled water..


the result?


maybe one of the most potent shroom i shared with friends, the command is know ready for 2014.... let them to break you, and let you near the road, your so crazy, man, i really dont think shroom are for you lol...



Pictures, for all the french and americain growers i hope to do this with anyprobleme, because, i have to copy them on CHMPMGk, to after posted them here...


See you

specially for mister Seeker,



RSCN9710.jpg RSCN9707.jpg RSCN9668.jpg RSCN9704.jpg RSCN9549.jpg RSCN9420.jpg RSCN9410.jpg RSCN9003.jpg RSCN9001.jpg RSCN8999.jpg RSCN8997.jpg RSCN8971.jpg RSCN8967.jpg RSCN8965.jpg DSCN9496.jpg DSCN8964.jpg 1-RSCN9435.jpg 1-RSCN9432.jpg 1-RSCN9430.jpg 1-RSCN9245.jpg

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#2 champa


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 04:12 AM

La suite!     En musique!!!




RSCN9711.jpg RSCN9709.jpg RSCN9706.jpg RSCN9703.jpg RSCN9596.jpg RSCN9548.jpg RSCN9418_2013-11-01.jpg RSCN9004.jpg RSCN9002.jpg RSCN9000.jpg RSCN8998.jpg RSCN8996.jpg RSCN8969.jpg RSCN8966.jpg DSCN9826.jpg DSCN9382.jpg 1-RSCN9436.jpg 1-RSCN9434.jpg 1-RSCN9431.jpg 1-RSCN9429.jpg

#3 1967FordTitus



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Posted 18 February 2014 - 04:34 AM

Holy freaking fungus, no matter what language, BEAUTIFUL,

#4 1967FordTitus



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Posted 18 February 2014 - 05:22 AM

I am working with Maz myself, champa, I like the cardboard incubation, could you explain a bit more, please? Also, afraid if am unfamiliar with hygro. Damn, amigo, your pics are wonderful! I was able to obtain a number of clean, dark prints of Maz, will be trying a couple different methods, would greatly appreciate your help.

#5 champa


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 05:57 AM

No blème to explain.


I did one day an expérience. I took a slim cardboard layer, A fine layer of white card

Little thick

Of the kind that we find with exactly aluminum can of food and which serve if we place its cans of food at the cool...


You do like you do "habituellement" and you do a gobetage layer. A little bit wet

That you are going to moisten in the spray, then kept silent puts a last layer of vermiculite, or perlite, that you level, then water (spray) enough so that it is very wet all the same.

You writes your strain above, you puts a poid on this part and zou in incubation...


You have to controle everyday two day, how the layer card seems like. You have to remove with a clean "mouchoir" (i dont know the real name in english, but always clean, always, l excess of water in l incubator.
And you puts back layer of aluminum on the top.

In fact, this layer is going "to perspire"(transpire") l humidity too.


Like a skin, all excess will be perspire in incubator.


You have to do your tek with perfection, because, if you dont have a regular skin, put on the casing, colweb can arrive.


I have to  prepare to casing, i m coming back soon with pictures for you.


Maybe one day, a very good explication, with photo, all explain. 


see you soon;

C ' is also for it that it is necessary l to moisten at first down on the coat(layer) of vermiculite

#6 Seeker2be


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 10:24 AM

Magnifique Poto

#7 BillyThKid



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Posted 18 February 2014 - 08:20 PM




Very nice, I hardly ever see this good of growth unless it is a clone culture. You have a real talent there.

#8 champa


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Posted 19 February 2014 - 03:54 AM

I have not this results with clones.....


I only did 3 or 4 clone cultures. And with différents result.

For me, you have a problême with clonage about the final result, because, I, believe (I only) mushroom preserve Her age. if you do clone with a third or 4 flush, you will never have a lot a flush like you can have with a clone on the 1 flush, from the first cluster, the more rapid and agressive.....


In reality, with animal, this fact is real. Dolly, died on few month. Its one proof.


After, i have to do more test, with clone.

I did a special topic which call 'Champa victory", where i m speaking about a fantatstic work of clonage, on 3 types of substrat, Pf and agar. The result.... we will see....In a few month.
I will compare a multispores culture, who give me the beginning of the clone wich i work.


So, to give an answer at Fordtitus...


i give you pictures, man, there. You will see by yourself.


This is photo from a cardboardlayer

In the incubator, and after, when i put them out to schock physically the mycéliuM. When its colonized itear away to create a break '(i call this stage a 'physical chock') and i spray water strongly and i pass in other condition, for fruiting...


You can see the first face, and return face too. Its very colonised, you have to wait this moment with this tek. I also started to work with perlite for the last layer, under the cardboard layer, you have to, this is very important, to spray water strongly too on this layer, because, if you dont do that, the result is more cataclysmique.


So, i post, you see. After, you do, if you want, but for me, it s becoming a routine....


No conta, and good results, always. Do safe and never fastly. take your time to do the better you can.


i also give you picture from the Liquidculture which i started to grow maza.


i believe i have to post other pic from my own grow after;;;...



Cellulose is an alternativ to grow shroom, but there is only few people who know it. cardboard layer is cellulose at first. You can grow cubensis easily on cardboard. In france a grower, beginning grower, start to create cellulose colonise or cardboard, and after a special traitement ( secret.... no, top secret!) he inoculated Liquid culture with good result, always.....


RSCN9964.jpg DSCN9948.jpg RSCN9963.jpg RSCN9972.jpg DSCN9953.jpg RSCN9971.jpg DSCN9970.jpg DSCN9958.jpg


So, i have to wash my sandisk and maybe post other picture this days...


see you soon...



i forgett something, thnaks to all guys for compliment. The real compliment are for the first personne who create myco, and working hard to grow more and more, for us, little grower...only jok aka passion... no word...

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