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Cardboard. A little user.

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#1 champa


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Posted 12 April 2014 - 11:35 PM

Helloo to all the community,

i only want to share this tek, about using the cardboard, in the casing tek.


I use this to make a "skin", who allow to the mycélium to "inhale".


If you use this tek, you have to controle your incubator every 2 or 3 days, because the mycélium "inhale" to his humidity.

The humidity concentrate in the bottom and in the wall of the incubator, you have to mop this humidity, wich can developpe a bactérial contamination, to avoid that cause.


 You also have to isolate your incubator, with foil, and maybve mylar at the most perfectible stage.

The totality of the incubator must be isolate, for better use, the heat and the possibility to insect come cause interference at whole.


But if you dont do that, it will be a success to, because, if you clean your incubator, at the right moment, there will be no contamination. Because, you MUSt clean at the beginning with alcohool a good time, at the correcte time at the beginning.

The risk, is more potential with cobweb, but at this moment, there is a tek too. You never grow your box with a empty place. Always keep the empty place of your "casing" with a full place of vermiculite or perlite stérile, a little cup of stérile water, and thats all.


If you don t do that, the cobweb can grow on your casing surface, between the empty place and the cardboard layer. that s a fact, its true, it happenned to me, one time, and cobweb, if you don(t care, is potentially very agressiv, in twoo days, you can loose all of your box,


After 7 to 8 days, you will see the surface box colonised by the mycélium, you have to wait a few time, maybe one or two days, more, and to tear the whole surface, and place the casing in the perfect place, the terrarium cleaned with H2o2 at minimum 10 volumes.


it will be a "choc" and a message to the mycélium, more than light and humidity, completely the real thing to create the perfect condition for the fruiting part.


If you tear the surface of the mycélium, its a second choc too.


After, you always have to controle the progression, with a lot af distilled water, and the nature do the rest.


You will see by yourself.


in a few picture, i exposed my tek too.


You can see the end of the tear with the totaly cardboard colonised layer,

thanks for the reading. all the pkeasure is for my sharing tek.


see your shroom too.


'you can see several picx who describe a cardboard layer colonised in the good time, the lefter, and the end of a casing tek, by several vue, and with a tear up face)DSCN0004.jpg RSCN0054.jpg DSCN0049.jpg RSCN0011.jpg RSCN0055.jpg DSCN0051.jpg

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#2 1967FordTitus



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Posted 13 April 2014 - 12:21 AM

Way cool! I knew that I was saving all that unprinted, corrugated, clean cardboard for good reason(s)!

As always, you ROCK champa!

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#3 champa


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Posted 13 April 2014 - 02:44 AM

Whats the signification about "corrugated"??? With any kind of glue???


You will have results with any type of cardboard, and sometime, a type of glue will probably better works than pure cardboard.


I cannot make the Final layer in cardboard with no ink, because...They are the best!!


After, they do'nt really totally colonised, and a good part of my shroom after picture for postérity, end in the basket. I maybe loose something like several mushroom kilogrammes any three month. I love to totally dissacated, with CAoCO3. A système to dessicate the shroom, do you know titus?


I believe i can do a good thing there, to explain how to build one.


If i got time, i do.

But, i m reading, and its maybe the 13 hours i spend in front of my PC. maybe time to stop...We will see.....




i believe the good cardboard is the eggs cardboard. In the blue color, or green, the mycélium is fantastic to describe, growing on.


Maybe a foto, more, and remore, we will see...

#4 1967FordTitus



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Posted 13 April 2014 - 03:45 AM

I love using the cardboard egg cartons!

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