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What did you do to your cacti/botanical garden today (pictures welcome)

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 09:38 AM

I find that almost nothing is beyond hope Microbe. Plant it in some dirt and put it in a bright sunny window if it is still too cold outside. I have had cuttings that were virtually bashed to pieces in shipping, that recovered nicely. You can get a scar on a cut or broken (or chewed) area with a fan in a few days. Even when it is cold, the cactus benefit from light every day. They do not usually have problems that would transfer to your plants in a grow room, and the warm temps and light would likely stimulate a rapid recovery.


I recieved a 2 1/2 " little pup cutting a few years ago. That ittle bitty pup has produced a 13" plant, 3" wide, and is presently working on 3 more pups after the original was removed to grow on its ow,

Don't give up, just plant them in dirt and give them light and heat. They will grow................

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 10:33 AM

Its been just under a month since I took receipt of my first ever cacti, the beautiful SPs you see potted below, I've since acquired a single live LW Texenis, about 1" and said to be 7-8 years old and also begun to germinate a batch of 30 T.Bridgesii seeds.
post-154949-0-11344000-1518738634 copy.jpg IMG_3203.jpg IMG_3205.jpg IMG_3211.jpg IMG_3212.jpg IMG_3243.png


Last night I set this up propagation kit, purchased from Amazon. It has a tray, humidity dome, 18" T5 and a heating pad. 




I was using a therapeutic heat pad from CVS before, which worked great. I need to figure out how to better insulate this new mat. Also, its definitely not as powerful sadly, and there is much more space to heat now too.


I have a batch of 30 LW seeds coming and I wanna treat them well!


Any suggestions? Cheers!

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 11:34 AM

you will not regret growing out Bridgesii.  Nice to look at and guaranteed genes for sparkliness  :)

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