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What did you do to your cacti/botanical garden today (pictures welcome)

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Posted Today, 01:22 AM

ya I heard plastic wrap or bags etc for tricky humidity domes.....

I have the Canadian one from Alberta my Aunt plucked it from the side of the road too lol Hers was almost dead this summer I tried to tell my Mom how to fix ut she dont like spiny cacti and wel this one is dangerous spines are huge and have a ton of them ... but there is also stuff on the spines they are big enough to tell there could be mold or spores ....they are dried out but if you get one of these pericing skin I can see it get infected .... so Im careful with it and use it to gard the other softer cacti from the cat little butt was speeling on my yotes one day looked at me like these ones are soft Mommy I having a nap..... I had to take his window away from him for the cacti in the fall it has been an adjustment lol

I had another type bt I gave lots aay aand have none for me now ?? anyway the red seedy fruit you get at the store way up north here is the seeds I used to grow thoes and I have another on that I bought the seeds for have to look up the name for them thoes are the stretchy ones I have there

I grew dragon fruit form the fruit too but it hasnt worked out either ....Pers are evil tiny hairy spines tat come off into your hand and you dont een have to touch them lol j/k but I have had too many itchy sores from them I have no more of them either any grafting ould be on the stretcy ones which work like a trunk if I do it right ....?? have to do more thinking about it but Im interested in a centerplace for Christmas :) no cut flowers something living and will still live if I do it right lol

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