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Everyday Survival Preparation

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Posted 10 August 2020 - 05:06 PM

You had me wondering if a guy should buy one but I figured propane was good enough for my limited use.


Without asking ya to repeat yourself to much what would you say is the advantage of it over a Hank Hill propane propane model?


Propane can be more difficult to physically get to remote sites, with the pressurised tanks being awkward and bulky even when empty.


Kerosene (paraffin, as its called overseas) stoves are what a majority of people in the non industrialized world use to cook on every day, and it is what a good portion of the US used before the country electrified, especially in places that didn't have a readily available biomass option nearby.  I like the versatility of being able to burn any kind of fuel in the kerosene family, be it jet-a1, heating oil, over the road diesel, ect...  It leaves more options in an emergency grid down type situation.


Also, especially for running a device like a pressure canner that has to run for  hours at a time, I like being able to top off a fuel tank before I use the stove, and not have to worry about if there is enough fuel left in a tank to do the job.


But in the end, either one is capable of roasting your weenie :)

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Posted 10 August 2020 - 07:56 PM

Saw names I have lost and greatly missed. Turkeyranch, if you are still stopping in from time to time, I miss ya brother. Gimme a call. My number never changes...


I carry a not so small backpack most if the time. In it I have several things for just that. 2-3 lighters even though I don't smoke. They can be unreliable so I keep more than one. One of the higher end Leatherman Tools. (Priceless that one is lol) In the car I used to carry a tent, air mattress, need to replace that. I still carry a good hickory walking stick in my car. I work 30 +miles away and been caught without any damn thing once lol. I usually carry in my car a battery powered tire inflator and jump starter. Just damn handy to have when ya need them. There are two heavy ponchos in the back too. I also have a headlamp, a good flashlight (3) I guess I have a flashlight fetish so to speak lol. 


Been caught with my ass out a few times. You live and learn. CYA is the name of the game nowadays. Yes I pack well. Oh yeah, can't forget my Bose speaker and my old Ipod, yes I still like and use my IPod, and probably will be stuck on that like I was Cassette tapes. lol On top of all that I usually have 1-2 good books my my backpack lol. 


I will be aight. :) 

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Posted 10 August 2020 - 08:14 PM

I may live in a small village but haven't been camping out in the wilderness in to long, I miss it. Some of my most cherished memories come from trips with my family as a kid, and later on with friends in high school going out Quading in the mountains.


The most outrageous was when we had a two day snow storm in the middle of July!  Which raised the rivers up enough to flip a quad over and wash it down the river. Down a quad and an SUV we barely made it back to my front wheel drive 1989 Chevrolet celebrity that was parked at the bottom of the valley packed into the freshly fallen snow. After rocking back and forth out of the snow we finally got it lined up for escape. I pressed the gas to the floor and aimed it for the Texas gate. We were fish tailing back and forth when miraculously it straightened out just enough to pinhole through. Dropped through a couple pot holes at maximum torque and we made it to the top of the hill in a victorious cheer.


Our parents berated us for weeks over the loss of equipment, only to have the two dad's return two weeks later in an attempt to recover the lost SUV an quad. They flipped over their rescue Bronco in the first river! After shamefully returning to the same town that we were waylaid into they hired a cat hoe operator to drive in and recover it all....


One is often envious of you an Alder for having the close connection to nature. I like to say where we all live will have it's advantages and disadvantages. You just gotta find the balance that is right for you


Just thinking of the fire triangle right now, shit I think it got changed to a tetrahedron.

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Posted 01 September 2020 - 05:18 PM

So I dont think this counts as a survival prep tool, but its a damn cool piece of kit for an off grid cabin, or a semi permanent camp.  It is a camp oven, but unlike those cheap ass single wall Colman ovens, this thing is double walled, and maintains a much more even heat through the entire oven, and you can actually bake with it.  Fresh hot corn bread with your supper while camping is a real luxury.


It has an open bottom, and can be ran off any kind of wood stove, gas camp stove, or even directly over coals.  It heats up easily, and doesn't require a huge BTU input to use.  It  will easily fit a 1lb loaf bread pan, a 10x10 pyrex casserole dish, or a six pack muffin tin.


It's biggest downside is that this thing does not fold down, and is a major PITA to assemble, so I would not call it a  bug out device at all.



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