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Posting Guidelines/What is the Myco Lab?

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Posted 18 December 2014 - 06:44 PM

Hello, and welcome to the Posting Guidelines for the Myco Lab thread.

What is the Myco Lab?

Our intention with this new sub forum is to provide a legitimate scientific outlet to prove new techniques, and advance the field of mushroom cultivation by featuring experimental techniques following the Scientific Method.

This forum is for mushroom cultivators of ALL types: psychedelic, edible, and medicinal.

The objective of your experiment can really be anything you want, but here are some ideas:
  • Better biological production (higher yield)
  • Trying new substrate ingredients or additives
  • Trying new processes or methods
  • Collecting evidence to show that something doesn't work (such as common cultivation myths)
  • Testing out a new DIY device/tool, or a modified version of an existing tool/device (such as airport syringe), and comparing it side by side to the "accepted" version or to different variations of the new design
  • OR ... Any other interesting question you may have about cultivation!
This forum will also serve as a proving ground for the ideas in the Mad Scientists forum. We are hoping innovation from the community will birth new ideas, which can than be explored and scientifically evaluated in this forum, leading to the advancement of cultivation in general.

How to Post

Please post all of your experimental threads in adherence with the Scientific Method. See mydarling's awesome sticky on specifics:

Scientific Method

There are simple and complex experiments and everything in between, but the important part is that they all follow the same basic guidelines. And that is basically it for the rules -- follow the scientific method, and lay out your posts as such. In the next month or so we will have example experiments posted to make it easier.

The first post in your thread should be your introduction, objective, and hypothesis. If you've already settled on a method, include that as well; if not, you may give some ideas and leave it open to brainstorming with other topiates, and post the actual method once decided upon. Please post only if you are currently running or have already run your experiment, no "maybe I should try this" speculation threads please, they will be moved to the Mad Scientists forum.

If you think you are trying a “new” or “novel” experiment please google search to find out if your idea is actually new. If you find it has been done, and still want to go ahead with the experiment, try to find a novel question or new aspect of the experiment to prove or disprove.


This forum is a great opportunity for the ambitious cultivator to contribute to the scientific community. The moderators and senior members will work with members to develop the quality we desire here. If you make an effort to experiment and follow the Scientific Method, we will make an effort to help you do so.

Cheers, and let's go do Science!
Mycotopia Staff

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Posted 19 December 2014 - 10:27 PM

Open for business!
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