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Butane Hash Oil - Read Me!

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Posted 10 July 2015 - 11:19 AM

[Written by TurkeyRanch]


The purpose of this thread is to educate the public and membership about the potential health risks of butane created cannabis oil, as well as the dangers of working with the solvent butane itself.

As the popularity of butane honey oil increases, more and more people are trying to create their own at home. This is extremely hazardous for several reasons.

If your thinking about attempting a butane extraction, please read this thread first for your own safety, and the safety of those around you.

Here is Mycotopia's existing Lab Safety thread, please read

This is a thread of reported butane explosions on, updated regularly. There is a new explosion weekly, if not daily at times. READ THIS. There are new accidents reported every 1-3 days. People are dying at an alarming rate. Don't be one of them.

Here are some of the reasons butane is more dangerous than other commonly used solvents:

*Butane has an explosive limit (EL) of 1.8%- 8.4%, which is a wide range, and more dangerously, a very low lower explosive limit (LEL). Meaning as little as 1.8% butane in the atmosphere, and the atmosphere becomes explosive. Because it evaporates so rapidly, it can easily achieve the needed 1.8% quickly even with ventilation, while less volatile solvents evaporate slower making it less likely to achieve an explosive concentration.

*Butane pools, so low ignitions sources like compressors in refrigerators, desktop computer towers, static electricity from clothes or shoes, or pilot lights in stoves or water heaters can cause ignition.

*Butane is a gas at room temperature and pressure, so when released from the can produces a high amount of vapor (and an explosive mixture) rapidly, as opposed to traditional solvents which are typically liquids for longer at 1 atmosphere, and produce vapor slower.

*Butane is odorless, so it is hard to detect concentrations of it.


List of inside ignition sources:
Computer fans
Static spark from clothes
Water heaters
Refrigerator compressors
Oven/heater pilot lights
Playstations/xbox/game system
Battery operated devices
Fans, plugged in appliances
Anything with an electric motor

List of outside ignition sources:
Pool/hot tub pump
Electric fence
Static from clothes
Cig Smokers

* remember butane pools! and can travel distances in concentrations, like into your neighbors yard, and their hot tub pump. . . Boom

Canned butane is poisonous, and produces an unhealthy smoking product.

Don't believe the hype, your "triple refined butane" that the head shop sells still has all kinds of nasty petrochemicals in it as lubrication from the manufacturing and packaging process. FACT: These carcinogens will end up in your oil if you use butane from a can.

Link to butane "mystery oil" byproduct

GCMS mass spec analysis of the lubricant oils used in canned butane ie "mystery oil"

In summary, there were simple Alkanes present as long as C-16, which are not of health concern at the levels present.

In addition there are aromatic Alkenes present, that are of serious concern, but not at levels remotely close to exposure limits.

The concern with those Alkenes is really not reaching toxic limits, but the fact that some are known carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, etc.

IE: Cyclohexane, isocyanato, which most likely came from the gaskets and seals used in the cans and process, because it isn’t found naturally in butane.

Nasty bad shit, with an no exposure limits established and an intravenous LD-50 mouse of 13 ppm and present at the level of .000000001728 concentration, or .001728 parts per millionth. That is about 7500 times lower than the LD-50.

Another bad nasty present was Benzenamine, 3,5, at the levels of .035778 parts per billionth, with a Permissible Exposure Limit of 2 ppm TWA for 8 hours. That is 56000 times lower than Permissible Exposure Limits.

Benzene 1,1 showed up at a concentration of .000000003678, or .000003678 PPM, with a Permissible Exposure Limit of 110 ppm TWA 8 hours.


Using plastics like PVC pipe to blast oil leeches weird phthalates in the oil, which are not safe to smoke.

Tips: if you still choose to blast butane oil from cans:

Never extract or evaporate inside any structure.
Extract at least 100 feet from any ignition source.
Evaporate the butane outside, away from ignition sources, until the oil is no longer fluid. DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME, EVER, TO EVAPORATE BUTANE.
Even electric burners can spark if dust or particles fall on the hot surface, causing ignition.
Keep trays of evaporating butane/oil 100 feet from any ignition source.
Use glass extraction tools.
Use a vacuum purging system to completely remove butane, or let oil sit for a minimum of 2 weeks before consumption.

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