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Going to sell my artwork. Portion of every sale goes to Mycotopia.

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Posted 04 September 2015 - 09:44 PM

Hello, everyone.


I've been thinking about this for a good many years now. I've had people telling me for ages that they like my art and that I should make art and sell it.


I've been thinking about how I could give back to Mycotopia.


Of course, for some time now, I haven't had stable on-the-books employment. I haven't always believed in myself or my own abilities, especially since I've also struggled greatly in the past from bipolar disorder (manic depression).


Now that I have a more stable job I will be able to use my 16+ years experience of web development and programming to register my own internet domain name. I can make my own website. I can put my art there and sell it. I can do prints to order or sell the originals and do custom work.


I plan to just make art as often as possible in my own style and save everything, scan it in, and let people decide if they want to buy it or prints or order custom work.


I will be getting a PO Box soon to conduct business. I plan to conduct all business under the moniker "Niemand Geist".


Making what little I can save up from the job I have now, plus any art sales on the side, I hope to eventually be able to go to vocational/technical school to become an electrician.


I know that Zen_ and Agama both have seen what I can do with web design and of course they among others here know what I am capable of. I know that you all have years of experience keeping this site running and I'd be very, very wise to seek your counsel on how to get started.


I'd especially love to hear from Agama and Zen_ about web hosting. I'd prefer to use what Mycotopia uses to host the forums! I need it to be very reliable and such.


I do very much hope that I have your support in this. I would love to give back to Mycotopia and it seems that, now that I can finally pay for web hosting and a domain name, and get a PO Box, I can actually make money from my art and give back to Mycotopia at the same time.


I know maybe it's a bit cliche, but this is what the mushrooms have taught me. This isn't just a sudden thing. I've been considering this for a long time now.


I just started woodburning so I'd love to start doing more of that, but my true passion is illustration by hand on paper.


And yes, I am kind of coming down from a BIG mushroom trip now, but I do hope that I'm coming across as quite lucid and sensible to everyone.


I didn't put this in the VIP or sponsors sections because I just want this to be a general discussion/announcement/advice thread. I trust in the admins and the mods so please let me know if you make any changes/move this and why so I can make note of it to better post in the future.



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