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A Recent High-Dose DMT Trip

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Posted 06 March 2017 - 11:32 AM

I've experienced that ^^^^^^^ in Reverse.


Did a strong dose Rue and MHRB trip


It was a full day after returning to "baseline" before I felt comfortable with the idea of talking with people or doing important things like driving a car safely.


It was like my "mind" was having to coax my body into accepting it back inside again. Not scary but definitely interesting and enlightening :)


lol i think i also understand that in reverse, not to sound silly opposites attract lol . 


for me at least coming back to earth, Grounding/ doing a lot of earthy things with high intensity, seems to speed it up for me. like ill do push ups while saying things like yeah feel the muscles, gona get some food , yea tension , this is earth .    ill do some crunches, flex all the muscles in body  few other things, like checking sense smell, taste, saliva swallow test. 


as long as its earthy helps. 


i hear that on the talking to people, come back to this lego world, and while your still senses open u can sometimes just know what everyone is gonna say b4 they do it, so its like why bother wasting energy talking lol . 


sometimes ill even youtube bodybuilding vids , very earthy thing.

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