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What kinda flowers/flower garden do you have?

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Posted 13 February 2016 - 02:16 PM

Welp, I decided to add a flower garden to my yard this year.

I got some flowers, but only ones that deer DONT LIKE, and the ones that the deer

DO LIKE are in areas where the deer are still a lil sketchy on venturing.


So, with anticipating adding a bee hive to the yard, I figured it be best to make a

bee buffet, which with give me bonus honey and bonus pollinators for my veggie gardens.



I got some pics of the flowers around my yard now, but I dont haev many

at all... very slim pickins because of the bastid deer, I eat the deer sometimes :P

Gotta get my veggies or flowers back SOME HOW :) hahahhah



Check it out.


amazing site for bulbs and bare root plants.


I just bought 500+ plants for $130!!!! free shipping,  like WHAT!!! lol   I know, right






Tulips :)





IMAG1217.jpg IMAG1220.jpg



Notice that these are in 3 rows now.  I dug up the bulbs in fall of 2014 and transplanted only

the largest bulbs back, there were 110 bulbs almost the size of tennis balls, then i had

maybe another 400-500 bulbs the size of golf and ping pong balls and some smaller, I lost

all those on accident :( left them outside and they froze.

BUT, this season, 2016, the tulips have already poked up a lil bit and WOW did they multiple.

The 110 big bulbs I put back, look like at least easily 300-400 more bulbs now.  Pretty excited :)

$1 a bulb :P  Now, as long as I dont fuck up and LOSE my sister bulbs, that 300-400 will turn

into 1200 in 2017 then 4000 in 2018 hopefully.  THen its off to the races, Ill be able to sell tulips :P







pics from the past couple years.


IMAG0353.jpg IMAG0368.jpg

IMAG0375.jpg IMAG1216.jpg

IMAG1279.jpg IMAG1352.jpg

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Posted 13 February 2016 - 02:18 PM

Just a few more.

Notice the broccoli blooming slipped its way in here :P


IMAG1474.jpg IMAG1525.jpg

IMAG1692.jpg IMAG1831.jpg


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 01:40 AM

lol well broccoli is a flower just an edible kind my fav :)

My spring bulbs are finishing up here i have crocus and hyasnth ?? spelling wrong anyway Liliacs are full bloom now and the Iris are gonna start blooming soon and oh I collect succlents and every different color iris I can find :) ........I am very fond of herbal flowers like my oragano bushes or wild flowers like edible violets, solomans seal etc........

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