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Posted 21 February 2016 - 06:27 PM

Step inside this room where I hide
my dreams, struggles, hopes, and pride
occasionally I enter to realign, confide.
Step inside and over the threshold
flip that light and see the stories that my skin's told.
Never underestimate her, or what she holds.
Karma, yeah that bitch comes back ten fold.
I keep my childhood in this dark cabinet,
Go ahead take a look, you weren't havin' it
just want you to understand, and don't go blabbin' it
Look me in the eyes and promise. Sincerity, I was grabbin' it.
So many books you would think I was Einstein.
Thinking with my left brain because I'm out of my right mind.
I want to show you everything but in hind
Sight is rare, and most are blind
Too scared to find what they share.
Personality counterfeit and intellectually bare
Worrying about celebrities and their fake hair.
The kind of person that wears high heels to the county fair.
Hows my aim? I think I kinda like this
You got a look on your face like you smelled some piss
Mixed with shame in your empty game of ignorant bliss.
Your morals and dignity have a socially induced premiss.
I promise I don't miss. Come have a look.
Open two Wooden doors to reveal things like meat hooks.
The ground meets you halfway. The world shook.
You open your eyes to find you're naked, bound, and looking at a book.
Leatherbound, old. The book is called. "Express What Can't Be Told".
Written in gold. Stinging nostrils. The smell of mold.
Piercing pain over the shoulder blade, the steel is cold.
Another as you scream and I cut the ropes. Let you hang.
I step back, take in the beauty while you kick and scream like restrained mustang.
Lemon meringue is what I feed my victims during this shebang
Just hate having to explain to them my Sado slang.
Bang! My hand over your mouth, and my finger over mine.
"It's ok, You'll be fine." I open the book to page nine.
Wide eyed. A nice shine. The feeling I have is divine.
Flip the big light on to reveal my interior design.
A collage of fingers, toes, testicles, and eyes.
"What's the matter, Sweetheart? You look surprised!
I know what to do. No need to revise or improvise."
Grad two hooks on chains, penetrates the skin of your thighs.
I grab the chains and start to pull, your legs start to rise.
Here underlies a problem. Decisions decisions.
Where to make my first incision. I have a clear vision.
You came to me. Now this is your rescission.
Skin and steel will have a collision.
Pull the tray over and pick out a tool.
Rub it across your mouth to wipe the drool.
From your breast to your stomach, the blade is cool.
The pain was too intense as you expelled your stool.
Run my tongue over the site to taste the metals in your blood.
Went a little too deep and your life starts to flood.
I watch it accumulate in the mud.
Have to be quick for enjoyment. Grab pipe cutters off the stud.
It's hard when you're hanging to get all the toes.
Hell if it goes long enough I'll take her nose.
Bet you didn't see this foretold in the tarots.
Pick up the pace as your breathing slows.
Got what I need just as your heart stops.
Take you off the hooks and fuck you by the mops.
This time was easy. Didn't' even use knockout drops.
Add to my collage take in my art that was once alive.
Look at your lifeless body with a sick smile, and sex drive.
Wrap you up, throw you in the truck, go til I arrive.
She was my true love for an hour. #85
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#2 niemandgeist


    You make me happy in a manic sort of way :)

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 06:54 PM

I can see

what they can't feel

What they insist

isn't real



or a seer

A glimpse into fear


Screws unloose


I feel free,


A businessman enslaved,

for the first time,

his tie let loose


Playing in frost,

balancing on dead logs


I await furvently

the spring peeps of


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#3 JustAnEyedea


    Destroy Your Television

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 08:04 PM

Often I feel
like I can't deal.
Paper is a reservoir
I fill to feel.
And heal this life I keep tuned like an automobile
Nature realigns me
perhaps defining.
I'm finding It's binding.
The connections I'm minding.
They're blinding. Unbeknownst unwinding. Reminding...
Of some snags that remind me of the past.
Half assed and harassed, persuaded outcast.
Importance surpassed
knocked down fast.
The king of sorrow
my best years are begged for, stolen, or borrowed.
Far from the manifestation of tomorrow.
Tonging at the non-existent marrow.
The corridor is rigged; narrow.
The overthrown pharaoh.
the concrete winged sparrow.
Happiness: got some to spare? No.

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