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Balancing on Rotted Logs

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 06:37 PM

I've been practicing balancing on various mediums for many years now. I suppose that I've been doing it, honest to goodness, for at least 4 years plus now.


I started by balancing on the street curbs around town when I go for my daily power walks/sprints/jogs.


I got good enough that I began to balance on the street curb and walk around like a catburglar, creeping along and around street signs and whatsuch. Great fun, mind you.


I then discovered that there are several local parks where fallen logs and such are plentiful. I began walking/sprinting/jogging/falling on my ass and laughing and getting better at just balancing on fallen logs and stuff in parks and crap (I was going to say Sh***t but hey oh hey!)


This past Winter I took advantage of iced-over, frosted, and otherwise muddy and crazily "WTF WHY YOU WANNA BALANCE ON DIS SHIZZ BOYEE!??!" dead logs in the woods and stuff.


Feels good, man! Particularly when you don't fall on your ass doing it (at least MOST of the time!)


Today was such a nice day, mid 50 degree Fahrenheit weather with cloudy skies. SUPER cool and SUPER dry. I went out to some woods I haven't been to in years.


The thing about these woods is that they were utterly decimated by Hurricane Sandy a while back.


LOTS of big hardwoods toppled over and whatnot. Really, really cool rotted and challenging logs down to the ground and high up (As high as 5'6" tall which is about my head from the ground standing... not much  but cool!) connecting one point of a trail to another.


I finally got to practice with logs that were higher up than land-level. They were freaking like up to my head and higher (not by much though.... excuse the male bravado.)


It was very, very fun!


Of course, depending on the particular terrain I didn't necessarily sprint across the logs. You need to go into this carefully, even if you think you can do it safely and all. No need to be stupid, you know.


Lots of cool mushrooms out there, too, unfortunately the chicken of the woods and turkey tails were old and rotted and moldy. Oh well... I'll have to go back soon after the next rain I guess.


It was just pretty freaking awesome to balance between two landmarks walking along some fallen logs.


Perhaps you all think that I'm crazy. Cool. Fair enough.


Maybe this'll clue you in: When I got there there was this very large group of fit women preparing to jog or something. Let's just say that I perched upon some logs in the woods to let them get ahead of me before I followed. I mean, you know, I needed motivation and such.


HEY! I mean, you know, the moss and lichens and fungi were pretty cool, too, but I won't lie: It was neato to see a huge group of runners/joggers setting the pace for me... <<<They wore those tight form-fitting things and stuff, but I did really look more at the fungi and moss I suppose (((Sorrowful admittance that this really was the truth :blush: ))).


But I think you're all missing out, really!





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