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William Leonard Pickard Has a Book Out! The Rose of Paracelsus!!!

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Posted 04 October 2017 - 10:42 PM

Correction: see Tweets @walking_rain for invitation to readers to participate in podcasts!

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Posted 15 October 2017 - 10:48 PM

one note about Ch.'s here where leonard portrays very nicely the aura and mood of Moscow and visits to various muckety mucks and you can't help but notice that information and intelligence are prized in this environment, and with I & I who knows what will be made available to you or who will be paying attention to what you're doing. i got a nice kind of feeling of wariness here in 10.  Russian wariness. Who would be surprised that it still might be thick in the air of Moscow and St. Petersburg. 


one note about the Rose in general.  I was reflecting on Leonard's visits with the Color Crew and what as a whole they might have in common and i"m gonna say that each of our heroes bring into Leonard's life some kind of meaningful EXPERIENCE. somethin goes down with each encounter, and it's never trite, but something with soulful impact.  and something with psychedelic impact. so that you know when C, C, M, I, or V show up, the chances are pretty good you ain't gonna lay around the shack watching the latest episode of House of Cards. Very often the pair will be in a cafe, where there is always be some very mellow refreshment (notice--never any meat when L and his partner eat) and always a visit to a pure and and powerful natural location. or at least, usually.  At the location, very often the Contact Highs appear, setting the stage for some of the most inspired writing in The Rose. 

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