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I Am a New Member, How long until I am a Free Member? Why Can't I See My Posts, Why Can't I Add a Profile Pic! I Cant Start a Topic!

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Posted 12 April 2016 - 11:29 PM

All new members automatically are signed up with "Myco Newb" status. For the first 3 posts from a new member, those posts will need to be approved by a live person within our staff. This feature is security for our community from Spammers or otherwise less desirable threats that we do not care to have here. New members post are not automatically approved by a robot, so please give staff time to react to all new posts before posting in every area that you can find that will let you post. This forum that this thread resides in is specifically designated for your introductory posts. The forum title is "Welcome Mat". If you are a new member wondering why you can only "Reply" or "Start a Topic" here and one other place which is specifically for site technical questions, that is by design. Once a new member has 3 "approved" posts, that member will be upgraded to "Free Member" Status and is granted the permissions to post and start topics in many of the most popular forums. Posting multiple times with out the original posts being approve will not suddenly make your posts visible, so if are new and wondering why your posts are not showing up, more that likely it's not because you did something wrong. Its because someone behind the curtain here needs to approve the first 3 posts of every new member. Keep in mind when making your first 3 posts that not only is it the first impression you make to staff but also your future friends, family and community. Welcome to Mycotopia Myco Newbs! We are looking forward to seeing you in the forums!


Also until you graduate to "Free Member" status, certain features of you user profile are disabled. For example changing or adding and avatar picture.

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 08:59 PM

Public Service Announcement for those who are just starting out

New members are automatically sent a “validation” email when you create an account here at Mycotopia. If you try and bypass the one thing that verifies that youre a real person and not a bot by making up an email, your account will never be validated. Often your “ Validation” email may end up in your spam/junk folder. I get many support tickets talking about this. Here is what a brand new member can expect.

A new member creates an account. A new member is now in “Validating” Status at this point until you verify that you are a “Real” person. Once you validate through your email a New Member becomes “Myco Newb” status and only allowed to post in the “Getting Started/ The Lounge” forums.

Once you become a “Myco Newb” your first three posts require a Moderator to read over them and approve them. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and ask your urgent questions. Depending on the time of day/night sometimes it takes us some time to get to you and approve your posts, then Welcome you to our community. At this point please refer to the Red header at the top of your screen. This probationary period is and I get it, a pain in the ass for people wanting an instant response or as I’ve heard people say that it hinders them from meeting people. If you do not go through this simple step to help prove you’re not a spammer, Then I apologize for the inconvenience. I do want everyone else to feel comfortable with having a Spam free environment, not have frustration over not being able to post or post in all the forums. We really do this to make Mycotopia a better place, not to make things difficult for someone wanting to join in. It is a really effective filter for a small sacrifices of requiring you to go through this small trial. What people don’t see is the amount of spam that is filtered from your view daily. If it is not seen it goes unrecognized, but that is our job and duty so our members do not have to see all of that spam.

So to summarize here, if you can’t post in the “Getting Started” forums, please check your spam box to finish your Validation. If you don’t like the 3 post probationary period please place your Grievances here.
Now I’m gonna use this opportunity to bring up other issues that are common, if you’re reading this and thinking about Creating an account or you just did. DO NOT use a handle or user name that you use on other sites that connects you to Mycotopia. For example your family and everyone at work knows you as Joe Blow, then your post about your interest is curing headaches with a natural but illegal substance that we talk often about here. Then realize that Mycotopia is searchable on the internet (probably how you found us) Then realize that you use Joe Blow on your Xbox, Reddit, Amazon Ect. You realize that everyone that knows you as Joe Blow can now search your content here. Be smart be from the start. Once you post here we Own the content and is our discretion whether or not to accommodate your request for anonymity. Please don’t put us in that situation!

Most likely if you have read this, then most will not need to place a support ticket. Oh and Please don’t place support tickets for Grow advice. That is what these Forum are for. For general questions for site help please use Puff, Puff, and Pass.

Expired Members: You can reactivate your account by simply selecting and entering the one Forum that is available to you. That will reactivate your Account to the former status you where before.
Sometimes having to wait on staff can take a minute, post related questions here and some of our seasoned Members may be able to guide you in the right direction before staff has the opportunity to respond.

Hopefully this info is helpful if you find yourself facing any of these questions. If not we are still here to assist you if you’re unsure or need more assistance. Welcome to Mycotopia or Welcome Home if you find yourself reading this.

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