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The Mycotopia Foundation - Declaration of Contribution

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#161 theszusz



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Posted 07 August 2018 - 02:14 PM

I'm not reallly a "Poster".  So this will be hard for me.  (Yeah, Im a Noob but I hope to become something more).  But I've been reading these posts here and they are just wonderful!  This is NOT full of the negative, often misguided rantings of frustrated people thinking that their view is the best and only one.  Thank you so much for letting me In!

The Szusz

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Posted 19 August 2018 - 11:50 AM

Nice! That's a wonderful statement and very accurate about Hippie and so many of the other older members ( I'm sure the younger ones too) . I was lucky enough to have some private interaction with Hippie and wife and learn a ton about many subjects here.
I was treated so nicely as a newb newb (love you Prism) I not only learned how to cultivate here I found out what it was to be able to give back as well. This has always been a safe and honest place held together by it's members. I still grow some "May nights" salvia plants in my garden due to Shadowlord, I believe,a researching it and still have cacti that have been through the ringer but still grow outdoors in my garden every year.
I say I when I speak of things here. I am still with my better half after 16 years and my name was made up back when I first was learning how to navigate the internet. It is really just me in here though he does really enjoy and participate in the gardening and taking care of the animals that we keep and all the things that go with it. we are kinda still homesteading and live in his childhood home which is oddly enough was just down the road from where I grew up. Life can be very good if you let it and help it along.

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#163 Amanita Versicula

Amanita Versicula

    Sanity Within

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Posted 30 August 2018 - 02:25 AM

"Instead of dwelling on the difficulties to accomplish something, give your energy and attention to what needs to be done".

Thank you Zen~i saw this before i was "dislocated" and "IT" must seem like i make EXCUSES.

Though i have had-technical complications; and was using a computer from 2007

which i "felt" the "safety & security" to this site & those whom wish to remain anonymous would be in jeopardy. That is the truth~i cannot say more about IT.

My ANONYMITY is not important to me.

Anyone walking on this planet that has spoken OR observed me~KNOWS of my fascination & enthusiasm for FUNGI of

"all kinds">>>

"IT" is not limited to psycho-actives>>they are worshiped, though not above the hearts & souls of my fellow members.

My belief has always been that they should be given with LOVE.

And experienced with LOVE+ and RESULT in LOVE~

i have never sold one-as i want them for me & whom ever i can share with.

NOT that i have EVER had an "unlimited supply"~but it has been my beliefs OR teachings they ~


A very personal emotion.

I realize THAT is kinda "unrealistic"; AS it IS WHAT "SOCIETY" has dictated.

Folks here have been very generous to me in my time of NEED & had never been turned away~

Guess i am too old to change to accommodate Society~ in it's current state.

Or the IMAGINARY SOCIETY i have created in my own heart & head.

THIS IS AS CLOSE TO the PLACE in my being~in heart as i can get to+

As "am" ever gonna get AND i am eternally grateful; and always "feel" as if i have a bit of NIRVANA or Utopia by being here.

So very "aptly NAMED". Sound too "mushy"? i even like that word+

There is nothing that i can say to dedicate my loyalty & appreciation.

This is not for "any type-sort of" accolades as i realize i am NOT the only one that


OR does it seem quite literally~just a bunch of bullshit. Am not good at that either.

And ONLY one of many to appreciate the ENERGY & LOVE IT TAKES~ that goes into this SITE.


That gives me this sense of being a "minute particle" in this Miracle of Mycotopia~+~

The statement and honor felt about loyalty & interest in others' feelings are very important to me.

That is subjective & only you will/can determine my "sincerity">>>HOPEFULLY you will<<<

Am only regena~just a "spore" in the grand scheme~

[i think somehow i got my paragraphs EFFED UP.]

GOING OUT THE SAME WAY i came in~sorry for the redundancy-but cannot go back & read OR i just won't say anything.

Many are probably wishing i didn't~understood~on a roll~but it's all the Truth~

"Instead of dwelling on the difficulties to accomplish something, give your energy and attention to what needs to be done".

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#164 Amanita Versicula

Amanita Versicula

    Sanity Within

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Posted 30 August 2018 - 06:31 AM

Was gonna DELETE this IF i really knew how to for being too sentimental.

And yes, IT --my long but simple adoration of this SITE.

i truly have "felt it to be an honor to be here" though.

So i am gonna leave it-being a "sentimental fool" OR just a fool. But a grateful one.

PeAcE~/{*;*}\y regena~

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