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#2521 Shoeroomy



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Posted 17 February 2019 - 01:34 AM

Greetings, Paul here. I’ve been photographing mushrooms for years and only recently have been interested in learning foraging for both edible and medicinal fruits. I live in eastern Mass and would like to find a guide to help with identification and proper technique, preferably in my area.
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#2522 quirmche



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Posted 17 February 2019 - 11:50 PM

Hello, thanks for having me. I hope to explore the forum and learn what I can. The Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets interview put a bug in my ear and somehow I ended up here. Just a curious person by nature. Look forward to working with you all.

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#2523 WolfWhiz



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Posted 19 February 2019 - 12:01 AM

New to mushrooms, but horticulture has been a constant focus over the years... been a blast learning new things... needed a place to bounce off all the demerits out there on the net...

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#2524 holistichealinghippy



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Posted 19 February 2019 - 01:33 PM

hello beautiful souls! I am new to the forum and to growing! I have been microdosing for a few years and have also guided others through microdosing journeys so I decided it was time to dip into growing(I was also in need of a new hobby). If you have any tips, trick, or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.


With love

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#2525 crythetrees



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Posted Yesterday, 01:30 PM

Hello All


I grew up in a religion that was based in metaphysical thinking. I left the church years ago but the structure of thinking remained a prominent part of my life. Subtracting the 'Jesus' left me open to exploring ways of thinking that I was previously closed to, but the metaphysical thinking was quite simpatico with psychedelics. 


I've grown greenery before and kinda got board with it. I treated myself to a mushroom grow kit and am in the middle of my first grow. I inoculated 16 jars and only had one contamination. It might not have been a contamination, but I threw it out just in case. I didn't like the black dots, but that could have just been paranoia.


Here to learn and grow and then grow. 


Can someone direct me to a good thread to post some grow pics for critique?

#2526 coorsmikey



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Posted Yesterday, 01:53 PM

Welcome! Glad you decided to join us. Please start a topic here in this forum (Welcome Mat) until you get passed your first 3 posts. Then after your restrictions are lifted we can move it to the appropriate forum in which I am guessing is gonna be the Magic forum.

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