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OLD Video Games (Simple ones/emulation)

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Posted 17 June 2016 - 07:23 PM

I just got back into playing some video games to pass some free time on occasion, but I've gone back to the OLD video games:


Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, etc.


I use a computer game controller/pad and free programs to emulate (simulate) the old console systems in order to play the older classic games. You just download the files for the video games and play them on your computer. Pretty simple.


I mainly do this on Ubuntu so if any Ubuntu users are interested I'll tell you what to do. For Windows there are tons of options.


I like the simpler older games. Even though they're old and the controller only has so many buttons, I like them. I grew up with some of them and otherwise they don't take 60+ hours of investment, cost hundreds of bucks to buy the system, and then cost me $60+ for each game and require me to learn 16 buttons in order to play them to pass the time. Besides that, really, really freaking good old video games are still really, really freaking good if you give them the chance.


I've been playing lots of Nintendo Tetris as well as Super Mario Brothers 3 here and there.


Sometimes I even play stuff like Centipede or Galaga with the computer keyboard, you know, the stuff that used to be in arcades. I also love the hell out of Arkanoid (the game where you move the paddle to bounce a ball and break the blocks.)

Just wondering if anyone else occasionally enjoys simple older games that are fun and present a challenge. I figure if I want to play games I may as well play the older great ones for free (Just have to download them!) instead of paying hundreds of bucks for a new gaming system and then paying 60+ bucks for a new game that requires 40+ hours to complete.


If I want something more complex I do have a Sega Dreamcast system, and all I need to do is download the games and burn them to CD to play them on the actual system. I mainly do that to play with family because I have 2 controllers and I prefer to do multi-player with people who are actually there with me in the same room as opposed to this modern shit gaming where you play the same game online and you are all alone in your room playing online with someone else.


What the hell happened to social interaction?


To me, video games are temporary times-out of life when you have an hour or two to spare to pass the time and have challenging fun. I can't really understand the whole "You must play this game for 50 hours to complete it" stuff and not be able to play with your buddy in the same room kind of thing.


Any thoughts?

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