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Outdoor Pans!! Need defintive help ID'ing these beauties!

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#1 thehawk420



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Posted 29 June 2016 - 06:54 PM

I've had lots of experience with Cubes, but just recently got into Pans.  Anyways, I've made few Pan attempts this Spring, but none have yielded all that much/gone all that well.  That said, whenever my Pan cakes, or mini tubs have been done, I've thrown the mason jar cakes/rectangular cakes from tubs into a small herb garden that I have outside.  Historically, I've also thrown several old cubes cakes in there, so there is quite a bit of verm/coir in the garden already.  In addition, I'd throw in a little extra poo, etc, just in case Mother Nature chose to do her thing, naturally.  Anyways, today I was rearranging the herb garden, which is an 8 ft by 8ft square framed by railroad ties, and I stumbled upon a bunch of little fella's that certainly seem to resemble pans.  Some of them were growing out of the bottom of one of the semi-rotten railroad ties, as we've gotten a LOT of rain the last few weeks and thus the railroad tie was very moist.  Many were also just growing right out of the ground.  This seems to good to be true and I obviously am not just going to eat something that I'm not sure about, but the fact that I've thrown mycelium laiden cakes in this very spot has me wondering???   Also, I recall tossing a few cakes in one other area, and there were a few growing in that spot too.   That all said, what do you all think, based upon the pics?  I wish there was some sort of test that I could perform to know if these are really pans.  Any ideas/input?

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#2 myancyan



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Posted 30 June 2016 - 11:09 AM

Is there any bluing ? Did you take a spore print? To me they do not look like the droids you Are looking for.

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#3 thehawk420



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Posted 30 June 2016 - 01:38 PM

No they didn't blue.  Apparently all psilo containers will blue?    After further investigation, I think that they are actually Psathyrella candolleana.


I knew it was prob too good to be true, but wow, what a coincidence.

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#4 Amanita Versicula

Amanita Versicula

    Sanity Within

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Posted 03 September 2019 - 08:06 PM

i realize these post are now outdated. 

However STILL of value to me+

i saw you do stop in & are still active here.

Ur name reminds me of an "ole sponsor" here & someone i had dealt with a while back.

AS i had ordered Cyans instead of Cubes & knew no better at the time.

AND HOW I FOUND THIS SITE~looking for info on growing them.

He had always been good to me+ .With the content you follow~well it makes me still suspicious as to WHO you are~AND none of  my~BIZ+    

 (very few clandestine statements here}

BUT THAT'S my "thing" as IF you are HE you/he has every right to be here also.

Though i have P.Stamets book on Wild Psilocybin of the World~i just cannot find 

which BLUES and which does not-HE does NOT make THAT very clear,

as i have gone thru IT & marked off every species that mentions 'BLUING" and yet have not found an answer to my {eternal/internal question}

as i DO find LOADs of Fungi that IS "suspect"..

But they are too small for me to go KRAZY over~as in "Liberty Caps" IT would take an OZ for me to get off on~


PS~i didn't keep the bed watered/moist BUT amazingly had the CASING {JUST a mix i make by what i have on hand} LIME/GYPSUM~PEAT MOSS~HORSE POO~RED-WORM CASINGS~ etc WHICH DID COLONIZE for me~even though they are wood-lovers+

i finally "think" i know HOW~AND what a relief IT would be to have MOTHER NATURE take over~

Yeps~READY TO TRY AGAIN~before this coming winter. 

Look for me~if you are whom i "think" you are~

Cosmic Blessings~regena~/{*;*}\y

see ya on Twitter~not really into but IT has "me" there+


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