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Shit You Need To Know! Magic Fungi Forum

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 04:17 AM

Shit You Need To Know!

Welcome to

Mycotopia's Magic Mushroom Forum

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The Fungi: Magic Mushrooms Forum is the place to post anything having to do with psilocybin mushrooms. As always, the board rules apply. All threads about growing and dosing magic mushrooms are welcome. Pictures are always encouraged! The best projects and techniques ("teks") will be tagged for archival and memorialized in Mycotopia's Vaults.




These are key threads on growing magic mushrooms. Once you read these, dig in to the Vaults and the Old Archives to learn more!

1. Get started with A Newbie's FAQ Guide.


2. Then check out the recipe of the people: PF-Tek. This is the direct path to growing your first magic mushrooms. Here is a complete guide for beginners with the PF-Tek and more.


3. Hippie 3's Invitro Tek - A simpler variation of the PF-Tek, the Invitro Tek allows you to skip an entire step--birthing the cakes and moving them into a fruiting chamber. What is sacrificed in yield and aesthetics is made up in ease and stealth.


4. Bulk Substrates - Once you get the PF Tek down, you can move on to bulk substrates to get bigger yields. Manure makes some of the best bulk substrates for Psilocybe Cubensis. This thread shows you how to use it.


5. Hongus Tek - A basic casing tek. A casing layer is optional, but can be added on top of a bulk substrate to make for fuller, more even flushes.

6. Cue's Wild Bird Seed Tek - Quick and easy spawn for bulk substrates.


7. How to Make a Spore Print - Spores are the seeds of the mushroom. If you can collect your own spores, you won't have to rely on vendors, and you can start trading them for other varieties. This is a simple method for collecting spores from one mushroom cap at a time.


8. How to Make a Whole Bunch of Spore Prints - If you're going to take one print, you may as well take a bunch of them.


9. Spore Prints to Spore Syringes - Once you start printing, you need to be able to make spore water syringes from your prints.


10. A "glove box" is a container designed to help the cultivator create a sterile work space. You put everything you need in to the box, sterilize the space inside, and work from the outside. Here is one example and here is another one.


11. Buckaroo Banzai's Cloning Tek - Cloning can help you achieve eye-popping flushes by isolating good genetics. Don't worry, there's nothing high-tech about it!


12. BB Tek - A Complete Walk Through - Takes you all the way from spores to fruit with a bulk substrate. A killer thread!


13. Sometimes your projects will get contaminated with competitor mold. It's important to know when this happens, so you can get the infection away from your grow area. You should learn to recognize trichoderma and cobweb mold.


14. If you end up with some contamination, or you just don't want to grow in the house, you can try an Outdoor Cubensis Project.


15. If you want to be able to "clean up" dirty spore prints or breed your own strains, you'll need to learn to work with agar. Start with this thread: Agar for the Masses, Banzai Style


16. The Magic Mushroom Q&A MegaThread has a TON of information on basic topics.


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Posted 18 October 2016 - 05:41 AM

For anyone that missed the post in the General Forum, this is the SYNKT thread for the Magic Fungi forum: a progression of grow threads for those new to fungi cultivation.  Even if you've been around for a while, I bet there's something in there for you.  Check it out!

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