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President Of The Philippines Calls For Citizens To Kill Drug Users

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Posted 03 October 2016 - 06:28 PM

...were all doomed as we all have diff life exp and those change daily so how can we resolve an issue when the issue evolves daily w each and every ones personal exp.

hell i change my own mind all the time


If you will permit me to say, we beings are not our thoughts or experiences.  There really is no necessity to identify with all that changeable and changing shit.   What we really are is what can see the changeable, and that seeing is what does not change.   Thoughts of and about are never that thing thought about.  A collection of thoughts, identified with, can hate a perception of some 'other' collection of thoughts.   Neither are real as anything but thoughts.    Giving up a false notion of identity as a body (also a thought) and a mind (show me one) is to find true Self.  Suddenly there is nothing to resolve.  What is unreal has no power once its unreality has been outed. 


We are not objects.  When we objectify ourselves by a belief in thoughts and descriptions about us as a something, all else, and everyone else, becomes objectified as well.  It is our own false identification which falsely identifies everything and everybody as 'other.'   We might hate some other and then hate our imagined picture of self for its hating.  Anything perceivable is not the perceiver.   Are you the perceived, or what can perceive it?   The perception is what's happening, not an object.  


If we pay specific attention to our notions of who we are, seeing and questioning each notion that we think describes us, asking, "am I that," when the answer comes up, "no," we begin to narrow down who and what we are.   Knowing oneself truly, 'doomed' will be seen as just another thought, made of nothing. 



The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false.
You can know what is not. What is - you can only be.
~Nisargadatta Maharaj

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