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The *SOLUTIONS* Thread....

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#21 Myc


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Posted 12 November 2016 - 05:40 PM

I think some of us may have grown a bit cynical over the years. I can see the value of keeping a positively oriented thread on-track. 

The other side of this is, folks (in general) should always be treated with cautionary skepticism. People are notorious scam-artists when given the opportunity. While I enjoyed Mr. O'Keefe's point-of-view, I did also pose the alternative ideas that he could be Not what he presents himself to be. And I did chuckle at the idea that he was (possibly) running a not-on-the-level enterprise. 

I'm still not sold either way. But I'm a few steps further from whipping out my credit card just yet. 


In context with your previous post, you may find this article informative:


I believe Il19 exercises the rights you wish to obtain. The details are endless and complex. The article is well worth your time. 

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#22 August West

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Posted 12 November 2016 - 08:45 PM



Have you monetized your birth certificate?


Nope...not yet.


Still learning the details of exactly how to accomplish this.   This is something that I've always been aware of, yet I haven't personally committed until several days ago, when I started heavily researching it.


There seems to be an abundant amount of people doing this now though....and I've now committed to the process.


If you see what's at stake, it doesn't make much sense  not to move  on this.


Im glad those videos gave you a chuckle....however, your apparently condescending attitude hasn't left the best taste in my mouth.


With all respect,

If you aren't going to contribute any solidly productive information here, Id ask that you keep your chuckles to yourself.


Im trying to generate positive  solutions....please honor that in whatever capacity your capable.


I wasn't attempting to be condescending but I can see how it came across that way - apologies. I was sincere in asking if you'd done it because I'd actually like to hear of someone's real world experience with it. I have been aware of these concepts for some time and at one time in the not to distant past was rather enthusiastic about the possibilities myself. Problem is, I've never actually seen a reason to believe that people have gained useful amounts of freedom with these methods. I once received a letter from someone who paid no (or less, can't remember) postage than they normally would have because they addressed it in a particular fashion. That was pretty cool. I can't say what other hacks they may have pulled off.


Generally though, ime, people's stories in this area consist of spending days in court or other bureaucracies and or jail. Doesn't seem like freedom to me. I actually know a guy who tried the whole admiralty court spiel in New Hampshire. His fine was reduced, like pretty much everyone else's and he spent the night in jail. Most of his reality is spent trying to protest/hack the system and he makes every attempt available at civil disobedience and thinks the whole court-as-ship concept is ridiculous - just one anecdote of course, but a real world one.


One solution, as far as I'm concerned, is for people to be skeptical of grand claims, especially when the claimant would like you to give them money. We certainly don't have too many people vetting information appropriately. We certainly don't have too few of people wasting their time or resources. A very brief internet search casts a long shadow on the people presented in this thread. Taking their information cautiously would be wise and I will not apologize for encouraging people to take caution and be thorough.


Let's just take for granted that all of those concepts can lead to the alleged outcomes. At what point of 'world citizen' participation does this get shut down? It reminds me of the saying (I may have it slightly off), "If voting made a difference, it would be illegal".


But you're right, I shouldn't just try to tear down.


Start cooperative education in your community in order to reduce the affects of government schooling. Decentralize your sources of food as much as possible (decentralize as much as possible for that matter) .Build a house without a permit wherever possible. Start an alternative currency. Participate in alternative forms of media/information. I have participated in all of these to varying degrees of success/failure. No doubt there are any number of things people here are doing every day. I'd love to be wrong about the information that was the impetus for this thread and I'll look forward to being convinced that I was so.

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#23 Teonanacatl38


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Posted 12 November 2016 - 11:10 PM

Your right Myc...that was worth the read.


I totally appreciate you sharing that.


The more I immerse myself in the study of law, the more interesting it gets.   I'm teaching myself to speak the jive lol

#24 Myc


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Posted 13 November 2016 - 10:06 AM

I generally encourage people to engage in the processes of "compliance theatrics".


The process of "compliance theatrics" is exactly the same as the process of "security theater" - (like removing one's shoes at the airport - it has prevented nothing and serves no purpose other than to soothe the conscience)

Only do what you have to at the superficial level to give the appearance of compliance. Behind closed doors, that's sovereign territory but one cannot be overt about the exercising of those inalienable rights. 


There simply isn't enough oversight to find every "deviation" from the rules. One has to invite scrutiny through one's actions. 

Lay low.

It's easier to beg forgiveness than to request permission. 


I like to watch geese. Have always been fascinated by their large migratory groups and how they behave. 

Careful observation reveals that out of a flock of thousands, only a few are watching for danger. All of the other geese feed like mad while just a scant few have their heads up - on the lookout. When even ONE of those watchers raises the alarm, the whole mass (nearly as a single unit) ascends to the safety of the air. Losses to the flock are minimal or non-existent. 


For this reason, I don't really lose any sleep over the idea of tyranny. Our society is inter-connected spiritually (a connection we've been taught to ignore) and now, we are technically connected in the form of Internet. So we have our gut, our heart, our ears, and our eyes all linked as a unit which essentially gives us all a common "mind" to access as individuals. 

When any REAL danger presents itself, I think the flock (we) will rise above it. We will take off en-masse (metaphorically) and ascend to safer climbs. 


My advice is to do as you wish. Just don't attract attention. Enjoy life from the position of an informed on-looker. Find your comfort zone in the processes of performing "compliance theatrics" while playing your role in the "security theater". 



#25 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 09:56 PM

In presence, you know your assignment when it presents itself.

#26 Cybilopsin



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Posted 20 November 2016 - 01:11 PM

As far as solutions, I'd love to see a global political movement (but I'd settle for one in the USA) demanding something extremely simple:


  • Step 1: Carbon tax: all revenue-generating activity that involves GHG emissions gets taxed, with the amount of money owed being proportional to the volume of emissions.
  • Step 2: Universal basic income paid for by the carbon tax: all revenue collected from the carbon tax gets split evenly between every individual adult citizen, and given to you in the form of a monthly check from the government. Doesn't matter if you're a millionaire or below poverty level, everyone gets exactly the same amount. No bureaucrats putting your life under a magnifying lens to determine if you're 'eligible', just "are you a citizen or permanent resident of the USA? OK, where can we mail your monthly check?" end of story.
    • And, since we're in the business of making political demands, no state or federal government is allowed to garnish your UBI (your share of the carbon tax revenues), regardless of whether you're in debt, owe the IRS money, are in jail, have mental health issues, etc.

Even if this demand weren't successful - and I don't see any a priori reason it shouldn't be, as the vast majority of Americans would probably benefit under such a scheme - it would go a long way towards shifting the political center back towards where it should be.

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