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Ethno Grows CBD Critical Cure

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Posted 23 May 2017 - 08:58 PM

Thanks Ethno
It's been a treat seeing your grow posts
I find it a bittersweet exsperience cutting the plant down
On one hand..Yeay my own weed, on the other I find it
a bit sad to kill off the plant I've nurtured for months
Nice harvest, I've learned and enjoyed this post

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 05:20 PM

Hey everyone!

I have to apologize for the smoke report being so HORRIBLY late but I've been super busy (excuses, excuses I know) but I've had a lot of time to smoke on this one (lol) and come up with a pretty detailed report I think!

So first off some general notes:

The buds cured PERFECTLY IMO... the colour changed from a deep green to an almost yellow green leaving no chlorophyll taste whatsoever. I had been curing them for almost two months before I finally taste tasted and it was so worth it.

The smell unburned:
These buds smell sweet and earthy almost like really good quality green tea... at least that is the base smell that I get... underneath that smell the typical skunky cannabis smell pokes through and just beyond that is a very floral and almost sour citrusy note. This stuff smells very nice and is pretty unique with it's almost tea like base smell.

The smell burned:
Very, very interesting smell here... It smells like pot if pot where meant to be burned as an incense if that makes any sense... no over the top skunk smell like some strains but a deep rich smell that reminds me of herbs being burned for some kind of ceremony. The floral notes really come through here IMO.

The taste:
Again it's very earthy and very smooth... no coughing from this stuff. The best way I can describe the consistency of the smoke is thick, rich and hazy. The first thing I taste when I smoke this strain is just a really sweet taste... it's definitely a very sweet and earthy taste... again, like tea. This, tho, is when that sour citrusy note really shines. It tastes almost like a slightly unripe raspberry mixed with grapefruit... it's quite tart and compliments the tea like taste extremely well!

The high:
The first thing I notice with this strain is a calming sensation in my muscles and back... it loosens me right up and I have actually had some pops and cracks in my back right after smoking this from muscles and tense spots relaxing lol the second thing that hits me is a nice sense of calm... like time stands still for a second... then the head high creeps in and is decently intense for 30-45 minutes... very giggly and uplifting before evening out into a happy, relaxed and chill headspace with plenty of euphoria and a seriously pleasant body load almost similar to something like codeine! No paranoia that I have noticed even tho it can get you pretty head high... just an all around good feeling, chill and relaxing high. Definitely indica dominant in effect... I have no problem drifting off to sleep.This strain is advertised as having a ratio of 8% CBD to 5.5% THC but if I had to make a guess based on lab tested strains I have smoked in the past I would say I feel like this is closer to a 1:1 ratio around 10% for both THC and CBD. I can actually get quite high smoking this strain if u smoke enough and so can Mrs. Ethno who smokes almost exclusively high THC buds lol

For my anxiety and tension:
This is certainly a winner of a strain in my books and I'm very glad I have cloned it... I get no paranoia or anxiety from it and it gives me such a pleasant and relaxed feeling. Great for after a tough day to help me unwind and get my head in the right space as well as helping relieve the physical tension my anxiety can give me. Very helpful as a sleep aide as well... I drift right off.

So that's the smoke report! I'm sorry it's so late! I've been a busy bee lately but I really wanted to give it a good solid testing period before I went into too much detail and I did get to do that!

I'll actually be running it again in my next grow I'll be kicking off in a couple weeks after I sort out some grow room improvements...

Thank you for following guys and gals and I'll see you very soon when I fire up the lights again :)

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 09:28 AM

Excellent ethno. Worth the wait, and seems to be what you were hoping for. I am anxious to get a good taste of my plants, but they have a way to go yet.

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 06:42 PM

Great smoke report, makes me want to grow some (really smoke lol) I got cbd seed(s) gifted from some gal, think I'll pop it this weekend thanks ethno.

I've smoked CBD before, it was before bed time I woke up with out a worry hard to explain let me say I didn't Dredd a thing when usually I dredd work from the get go. I guess a positive mental outlook

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 12:13 AM

This has been a pleasure to read Ethno

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