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Extensive criminal record

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 04:06 AM

Is there such a thing as a occupational caste system?


The reality that books like Three Felonies A Day by Boston civil rights lawyer Harvey Silverglate   point out about our legal system might have you think there's a method towards that madness.


What I'm distilling from popular culture/media/news stories is the american dream has become "Do something shifty to make a lot of money fast and don't get caught until you have that money."


Bernie Ebbers never went to jail. Jamie Dimon never went to jail. No one (of consequence) at BP. Enron, JP Morgan, Price Waterhouse, the CME, AT&T, etc. went to jail while Martha Stewart/Jeffery Epstein must have just pissed off the wrong person (but still got a cake walk).

Bankers NEVER go to jail.


Like a caste system.


But back to the OT and what little I know about its occupational handicap:


I've known 3 felons in a close way in my time.


1.) Guy WAS a good friend of mine (long story blah blah blah) and I did some hairy shit because of him.

SMART MF, but a bit shiftless (as I have been known to be) and could do mixes and quantities that would kill me and 5 other people combined.


We met in the food and beverage industry where anything under the level of management/bartender/server it was a given you were either a felon or an illegal alien and with time/effort/attitude your could work your way into a money position. It depends on management and it's shit money when you start but the work isn't that bad (most times) and F&B folks know how to PARTY!


In higher end places even bus boys get a 15% split of the tip pool, back waiters get 35%, and front gets 50%; all tax free (except the standard expected 15% of your take) so it bumps hourly a lot.

Higher end hotels can be like that too for bell boy/room service/concierge.


Go high end and just lie (or sometimes tell the truth as the guy hiring you could be one) about the felony. They usually expect that. If queried specifically about it, give them an a-shucks bashful (and hopefully true) tale about a non-violent offense when you were "young and stupid" and they usually let things slide.


If you DID have to lie above, sometimes casinos have a preference towards "more energetic" felons for no money exposure security positions.



2.) Was the son of a very close family friend. Was doing REALLY well in import/export and got stung (which the area felt for months).

Didn't hear much about him after that until I got a call out of the blue from him trying out the old ph. # (which I still have) on a whim.

We talked for a couple hours. He now has his own business repairing specialty industrial machinery and also builds houses on the side.

One weird side effect of our judicial system is that if being in prison doesn't teach you to become more criminal, it goads you into becoming an entrepreneur (while trying to make your nut in a shit job) out of necessity for survival.


3.) Not a close friend, more a friend of mutual friends (and the GD) into alchemy. Smart too, but in the trippy way, and only one I was in cahoots with when busted. MY bacon was perilously close to the fire if he rolled, but he didn't and did straight time.

Hit me up after he got out to jam and during that time asked if I could slide him some cabbage for a 1K sheet that was fronted just before his detainment with the most hangdog look.

I happened not to be completely flush and made him ~2/3 whole for that on the spot which I expected a little grumbling about.

He gushed gratitude at me like I was Jimi Claus Christ (for coming up short?) as he'd hit up MUCH closer friends into him for much more than I and got the freeze.


He's way deep into tye-dye and does it so well he has boutique clients.



[All details purposefully vague to protect myself and those who have PAID for their "transgression" already.]

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 07:25 AM

I have one. Its so lenghty that i cant honestly fill out an aplication and be accurate about all the charges on my record. I dont know what all is on my record.

Im not a felon, i can vote and purchase firearms but cant get a shit job in a pizza shop...


When you are cold. and wet. and hungry, a pizza job can seem like a good solution, but remember the folks you are competing with probably have cleaner paper.  Maybe you can even up the playing field a bit by giving yourself a clean slate, remembering that it is their paper to begin with.  The paper is NOT YOU, it is just some one else's opinion, basically hearsay evidence or second hand bovine scatology.



...I started my own business, because that's the only way I could find gainful



Great advice, expand your skill set and creativity by hiring yourself to go out and make money for you.  You may find out that you have a very hard working, creative, and out of the box thinker who can develop a yellow brick road where no trail previously existed.


All sorts of religious groups thrive on a simple plan of trying to get turned down by at least 100 people every day.  Just knocking on enough doors without a plan will eventually uncover some opportunity.


Hope your new job works out for you, but wanted to add my too late, two cents worth anyway, for all the other folks who find themselves in your position from time to time.

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