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Progress? Really

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 10:38 PM

": gradual betterment; especially : the progressive development of humankind"
(from on line websters)

There is going to be a few developments in my small town where I live and a big one where i grew up

Ontario in the news I hear things that we are loosing our bio diverisity well when we destroy habitat by putting buildings up we are loosing right there

I have heard that in Ontario our moose are endangered / threatened now .....what why Juthro u say they are everywhere up there? ......British Columbia when I lived there there were many ??
...there was a mention that Ontario should be doing controled forest fire burns to clear land so we can plant it up like they do our west.......?? really thats not going to help the bio diveristy ...they say it will :) really then talking about if Ontario wants to sell timber for the next .... they should listen I can dig all this crap up but I would rather lay it to rest ......

I grew up with a township gravel yard in my back 40 I seen what rows around certian areas after truck dig it all up and lay it don again and again and really more rare things came up after I would have said they destroyed it all (seeds can survive so maybe they exposed rare seeds at some level)
anyway is not all bad but when "they" put up buildings nothing grows in them very much decreasing the bio diverisity

the trans Canada higway has wiidened in the last 30 years and now we have these saftey fences stoping deer and moose from crossing the highway......."they" have made under ground tunnels for animals to go under so it wont disrupt the migration rutes for moose and deer but its really the male moose that will travel for miles ad miles looking for the female same goes for many of our animals but the moose who has heard of one of them going underground that would be very unatural I could see some turning around .....hum I wonder if we have been taging them around here to see how these under gound tunnels are working for them or would that be interfearing with progress in Northern Ontario??
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Posted 02 December 2016 - 10:53 PM

Moose tunnels? Ridiculous.







bullwinle & rocky.jpg


a moose tunnel.jpg

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