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Mycotopia Policies & Infractions

Mycotopia moderates online discussions using a sophisticated, highly customized infraction system. In order to maintain a welcoming environment that everyone can enjoy, we require all Mycotopia members to follow the simple policies outlined on this page. Thank you.



Why kinds of Infractions are there?


Name Description Points
Redacted Content* The content has been removed from view for undisclosed reasons. This infraction is not really an infraction at all, and is only used when we must hide otherwise acceptable content for legal, ethical, or other reasons. 0
Copyright infringement* Posted content contains copyrighted material and the poster does not have a license for distribution, or the post encourages or provides access in some way to pirated material. Note that it is considered copyright infringement to quote extensively from a published work, including articles published online. Please provide a link to such works rather than a quote. 1
Cross-posting Posting the same content in multiple posts. Note that moderators only act on cross-posts that cause a problem, and often choose not to issue any warnings, instead choosing to move, merge, or close threads to resolve the situation. 1
Excessive Advertising (Over-competition) Vendors may freely respond to any questions that are asked, but are prohibited from heavy participation in competitor's threads and may not seek to detour discussions toward their own products. 1
Excessive Advertising (Spam) We allow one advertisement per week per forum per user. An advertisement is any content designed to sell or publicize an event, good, or service. Note that certain areas of the site (including the classifieds and vendor sections) are exempt from this rule. 1
General Rules Violation  Any violation of our basic board policies. 1
Giving Bad Advice
Off Topic Advertisement The post contains an advertisement that is not appropriate given the forum's topic. 1
Offsite Link/Spam
Offensive content (Flatulence)* Flatulence is when a user brings up a controversial off-topic issue (e.g. religion, politics, moderation issues) within the course of an on-topic discussion. Please keep all content in its proper place at Mycotopia. 1
Offensive content (Personal info)* The post contains an email address, phone number, street address, or other private information about another individual. We do not allow the posting of this information because once it is indexed by the search engines it may cause a person annoyances in the form of spam, telemarketing calls, etc. Note that it is acceptable to provide the public with a user's real name and general locale (e.g. "someuser is really Joe Smith from Chicago"). 1
Offensive content (Racism)* The post contains a judgment of the intelligence, character, or appearance of a race of people, supports a position of superiority of one race over another, or contains humor or other text which would reasonably be considered offensive by a member of a given race. 1
Personal Attack The author has attacked another user's intelligence, character, or appearance. 1
Post Padding
Religious Post   1
Research Chemical Discussion
Street Price Discussion The post contains discussion of street prices for possibly illegal substances. 1
Signature Spam   1
Trolling (Group attack) The post contains an attack against the intelligence, character, or appearance of a group of users. 1
Trolling (Obnoxious behavior) The post is designed to annoy other users, inflate the post count of the author, describe or recommend an illegal or recklessly dangerous activity, or give advice that, if followed, would cause obvious harm. 1
Trolling (Provocation) The post contains content which is designed to elicit an emotional response from other users. 1
Event Abuse Offensive content posted in an event. 1
User Account Violation (Avatar) The user's avatar qualifies as offensive content or includes an advertisement for a non-sponsor. 1
User Account Violation (Custom User Title) The user's Custom User Title qualifies as offensive content or contains an ad for a non-sponsor. 1
User Account Violation (Profile Field) One of the user's profile fields contains offensive content. 1
User Account Violation (Profile Picture) The user's profile picture qualifies as offensive content or includes an advertisement for a non-sponsor. 1
Trolling (Obnoxious Reporting) The user has abused the reporting system by repeatedly requesting moderator intervention when none is required. 1
Insulting/Rude Behavior   2
Complaints About Warnings Received   3
Trolling (Widespread) Posting obnoxiously in multiple forums or threads with the intention of distracting the user-base and annoying moderators. 3
Highly Offensive Content (Immediate suspension)* The posted material is considered so offensive that the user must be immediately suspended. 10
User Trolling/ Spamming Immediate suspension for trolling or spamming. 10
Spam Account Immediate ban for being a robot, or spam poster. 40
Troll Account Immediate ban for being a troll poster. 40
*: Indicates that users will not be able to view the content of posts which have received this infraction.



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Automatic Suspensions

Suspension Period/Action Reason
No Posting, 24 hours 3 Points
No Posting, 48 hours
5 Points
Suspention, 10 days 10 Points
Banned 20 Points



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